Where to look and time (08/06)

Where to look and time (08/06)

For the first round, Brazil will take on Australia this Wednesday, 8 June, LIVE

After a long wait, the Brazil national team is ready to debut in the Men’s Volleyball Nations League. For the first round, the team faces Australia from 21:00 (Brasilia time), playing in Brasília on Brazilian soil. Find out all the details of Brazil vs Australia men’s volleyball today and find out where to watch it.

Men’s Volleyball Nations League 2022 Table: Games and Standings

Where to watch Brazil vs Australia men’s volleyball today?

The match between Brazil and Australia in men’s volleyball will be broadcast today Sport TV 2 and Globo Play.

The SportTV channel is only available on pay-TV operators, i.e. fans have to get the broadcaster in their programming. Otherwise, you will need to contact us to secure a subscription.

If you prefer to enjoy it online or through your smart TV, you can access Globo Play, TV Globo’s streaming service, which is also responsible for sports programming. The platform is available on mobile apps, tablets and computers.

Today’s Brazil vs Australia match details in men’s volleyball:
Date: 06/05/2022
Time: 21:00 (Brasilia time)
Location: Brasilia, DF, Brazil
Where to watch: SportTV 2 and Globo Play

Brazil and Australia in the League of Nations 2022

Before officially entering the court, Brazil played two friendly matches against Japan. In the first he was defeated but in the second he won over the Japanese. Now, he officially enters the court for the League of Nations where he will seek a second championship. Last year, Selçao defeated Poland and won the first title of the international tournament.

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For Australia, the goal is to win no matter what the score or how you perform on the court. Facing one of the favorites in the tournament, the Aussie athletes look to make a good start in the competition looking to the next stage.

Brazil Call-up

Coach Renan Dal Zoto took on athletes already known by the Brazilian public. However, they have also suffered significant casualties for this first week. Lucão is one of those who will not be playing today, but with the presence of Victor Birgui and Bruninho.


Fernando Cachopa








Leandro Aracazu








How does the Volleyball Nations League work?

Sixteen men’s volleyball teams compete in the regular stage of the Nations League. Within the same bracket, teams face each other for three consecutive weeks and in a single round, where they score every win, draw and no loss.

At the end of three weeks, only the top eight will advance to the quarter-finals, where they will play in a single game from 20 July. Then, they advance to the semi-finals and, finally, the decision for the title and the medal of second and silver.

Remember that there is controversy for bronze in the tournament as well.

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