Which countries are most vaccinated, with a billion doses?

Vacinação na Índia: Maior fabricante de vacinas do mundo tem ordem para priorizar a Índia

Nearly one and a half years after the epidemic, the world has managed to reach the global stage One billion doses delivered Against New coronavirus In four months.

First vaccination started in America No more The uk After the World Health Organization (WHO) Approved a Pfizer’s Vaccine With BioNTech for emergency use. The pace of campaigns in some countries is remarkable, but it also highlights uneven distribution Between the rich regions.

As of 27 April, a dose of 1.06 billion has been given to 570 million people, which means that around 7.3% of the 7.79 billion population received at least one dose. More than 75% of the world’s population needs to be vaccinated to control the epidemic, scientists estimate.

“This is an unprecedented scientific achievement. One could not imagine that in 16 months after the new virus was identified, we have created one billion people worldwide using different platforms with different vaccines and in different countries, ”said Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist WHO .

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