Which country produced the most Formula 1 champions?

Which country produced the most Formula 1 champions?

Since its inception in 1950, the Formula Drivers Championship has been played by 33 drivers. These drivers include some of the sports giants such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Nicky Loda and Sebastian Vettel.

However, it may be surprising that despite having a “World” Championship, only 14 countries produced these 33 champions.

Which country produced the most Formula 1 champions?

Given that the United Kingdom is widely regarded as the birthplace of Formula 1, it is unsurprising that the island nation produced the largest number of world champions (10). Four of those 10 have won multiple world titles, including defending champion Lewis Hamilton (7), Jackie Stewart (3), Graham Hill (2) and Jim Clarke (2). Other notable names to win the world title under the British flag include Nigel Mensel, Damon Hill and Jenson Button. In total, UK drivers have won 20 titles.

No other country comes close to Britain’s count. However, Finland, Brazil and Germany are in second place overall with three world champions each.

Brazil certainly produced the best Formula 1 driver on the Ayrton Senna, having won the championship three times; In 1988, 1990 and 1991. The other Brazilian world champions are Nelson Pickett (3) and Emerson Fitipaldi (2).

Finland also produced three world champions, an amazing feat for a nation with only nine of its drivers making Formula 1. Mika Häkkinen (2), Kimi Raikkonen (1) and KK Rosberg (1) the world champions. Finland

Germany, despite producing only three world champions, has the second-largest title with 12 after the United Kingdom. This is mainly due to the fact that Michael Schumacher won seven titles and Sebastian Vettel four. KK Rosberg’s son, Nico Rosberg, is the last German driver to win the world championship despite his father running under the flag of Finland.

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Four countries are in third place with two world champions to their name:

Austria: Jochen Rindt, Nikki Louda

Australia: Alan Jones, Jack Brabham

Italy: Giuseppe Farina, Alberto Escari

United States: Phil Hill, Mario Andretti

The remaining six countries have only one world champion to their name:

Argentina: Juan Manuel Fangio

Spain: Fernando Alonso

New Zealand: Denny Hulme

Canada: Jacques Villanueve

France: Alain Prost

Á Freca do Sul: Jody Scratcher

Future candidates

Fans of Formula 1 can add two more new countries to this list, not in the not too distant future, with Max Verstappen and Charles Lechler in the Netherlands and Monaco, respectively. Both men have solid contracts with the best teams in the game as they are widely regarded as future world champions.

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