Which were the most expensive cities to live in in 2021?

Which were the most expensive cities to live in in 2021?

The most expensive city in 2021 was the fifth last year

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2021 was not an easy year, was it? Problems such as inflation, rising dollars and the pandemic have made many products that were previously cheaper and more expensive. An example of this is the fare index itself, the IGP-M. The increase in the index led to an increase of more than 30% in cheap fares.

But, despite all this growth, Brazil does not have a city that ranks in Top 10 most expensive cities in the world, Organized annually by The Economist Magazine, this year’s most expensive city surprised.

In 2020, the most expensive cities on this list were: Paris (France), Zurich (Switzerland) and Hong Kong (China). The city that currently holds the title of most expensive city was already part of the top 10, but it took several homes to reach its rank.

As the magazine reports, the supply problem caused prices to rise in many cities around the world.

Which is the most expensive city in the world?

According to economistTel Aviv (Israel) was the champion of the most expensive cities of 2021. In 2020, the city occupied the fifth position and it was the first time that the place reached that rank.

As revealed, “the situation reflects the vitality of the Israeli currency, the shekel, against the dollar, as the signal is based on prices in New York.” Paris and Singapore are in second place, followed by Zurich and Hong Kong. New York ranks sixth in the United States.

Check out the full ranking below:

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel)
  2. Paris, France)
  3. singapore, singapore)
  4. Zurich, Switzerland)
  5. Hong Kong (China)
  6. New York (USA)
  7. Geneva, Switzerland)
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark)
  9. Los Angeles (USA)
  10. Osaka (Japan)

Also, according to the study, the reason for the increase in fuel prices significantly affects the cost of transportation. And the higher values ​​found in these locations were 3.5%, the highest identified in five years.

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