White House announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

White House announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced on Monday that Joe Biden’s government would not send any diplomatic representatives to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing as a statement against China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Saki said the government was sending a “clear message” that China’s human rights violations meant that “business as usual” cannot happen.

“Due to the ongoing genocide in China and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, the Biden government will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games,” Saki said at a press conference on Monday. Funfair.

Psaki said the US sports team had “full support” from the government, but that the government would not “contribute to the fanfare of the sport”.

“In view of the human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang, China, US diplomatic or official representation will consider these games normal and we cannot do that,” Saki said.

Saki also said that the diplomatic boycott of the Games does not mean “the end of the concerns we will raise about human rights abuses”.

Asked if the US was trying to involve other allies in the diplomatic boycott, Saki said the White House has informed its allies about the decision, and “we are clearly asking them to make their own decisions.” Will give.”

Psaki said the White House doesn’t think it is “the right move” or appropriate to punish American athletes with an outright US boycott of the Winter Olympics.

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