WHO – International says that the discovery of variants in India is ‘worrisome’

WHO – International says that the discovery of variants in India is ‘worrisome’

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday (10), that it has classified variants of the Kovid-19 virus discovered in India as B.1.617, mainly because it is “worrisome” because it is more contagious. is.

“There are reports that B.1.617 is more contagious”, but there are also elements that make it possible to think that it will attract the reactions of antibodies that make it possible to fight the virus and, therefore, we can make it a worldwide Classify as a worrisome version. , “Said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhov, responsible for the fight against Kovid-19 at WHO.

The scientist reported that more details will be published on Tuesday in the United Nations Agency’s weekly epidemiological report.

She reported, however, that there is a lack of much research on this variant, mainly due to increased sequencing, “to know the amount of virus that” rotates “and the degree of” severity “with which it reflects the antibody response is.

“We have nothing to suggest that our diagnoses, medications and vaccines are not working. And this is important,” he stressed, adding that it is necessary that social distance, mask use, danger reduction Such as continue to implement sanitary measures. Contacts, etc.

A WHO spokesperson later reported that the attested reaction in which Drs. Van Kerkhov referred to observations in the laboratory and on the ground and, as a result, it was too early to know what would impact the effectiveness of vaccines in the population. .

A vaccine with attenuation efficacy does not mean that it does not fulfill a protective function against the most severe forms of covid-19 and prevents deaths.

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“We will continue to see worrisome adaptations and must do everything possible to limit transmission, prevent infection, prevent infection, and reduce the severity of the disease,” he said.

This new variant is one of the reasons, but so far it is not the only one that explains the epidemic explosion in India, which is currently the worst center of the disease.

According to official figures, about 4,000 people die every day from Kovid-19 in India at present, where the total balance of the epidemic is close to 250,000 deaths.

Many experts estimate that these numbers are lower than reality and cite data from the crematorium.

Unaccounted victims are now particularly numerous in that the current outbreak has spread outside large cities, in rural areas where hospitals are scarce and their records are poorly updated.

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