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Alexandre Behring is considered one of Brazil’s biggest investors. Carioca Lemon Inn. is a partner of 3G Capital and accumulates assets of more than US$5 billion, which makes him 9th richest man in BrazilAccording to Forbes.

What is Behring’s trajectory closely related to in the business world? trio of businessmen Jorge Paulo Lemon, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira.

The founders of Banco Guarantee and Ambev have always defended giving prizes to talented people. That’s exactly what happened with Alex Behring.

Realizing their great potential for entrepreneurship, the trio invited Behring to join the team of partners at 3G Capital, one of Brazil’s largest private equity firms.

Within the company, Behring directs the arm. Restaurant Brands InternationalBurger King and Tim Hortons, managers of fast-food chains.

Read on and discover Alexandre Behring’s journey to the Arabs.

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Who is Alex Behring

alexandre behring is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 3G CapitalIt is one of the main private equity firms in Brazil, made up of such well-known names as Jorge Paulo Lemon, Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira.

Within the company, he is the executive chairman of Restaurant Brands International, parent company of Burger King and Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons.

In addition to the financial markets, Alex Behring is also known for his work with executives at large companies.

he is President of Kraft-Henzo and Anheuser-Busch has been Director of InBev and CEO of Americas Latina Logistica (ALL).

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life and profession

Alexandre Behring da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967, but currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States.

He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ). He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School in the United States.

At the age of 22, Alex co-founded his first business, OSI Mods & Technologieswhich provided services to banking institutions and had offices in Brazil and the United States.

The partnership lasted until 1993, when Behring sold his stake in the company and in 1994 moved to the United States for an MBA at Harvard Business School, where he was one of the best students in the entire class.

From there he got an internship at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank.

At the same time, Behringer met Beto Sicupira, one of the commanders of the GP Investments Group in Brazil, when he lectured at Harvard, exactly in the same class as Alex.

After speaking with the class teacher, Sekupira hears a series of praises for Ryo’s student.

This caught the attention of the businessman, who later decided to hire Behringer to work as an analyst. GP Investments,

A year later, he was invited to join the company’s team of partners.

During the ten-year passage of the GP, between 1998 and 2004, Alex was selected to drive Latin America Logistics (All)The largest railroad in Latin America.

In 2004, Lemon and his business partners decided to form 3G Capital and invited Alex to be part of the venture.

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He joined as a co-founder, managing partner and a member of the company’s investment committee.

Within 3G, Behring directs the manager of the Restaurant Brands International branch, fast-food chains Burger King and Tim Hortons.

When the company added Kraft Heinz to the portfolio, Behring joined The Kraft Heinz Company as chairman and board member in 2015.

Prior to this, he had already served as the director of the brewery Anheuser-Busch Inbev, where he stayed between 2014 and 2019.

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