Why did Paramount release the first episode of Halo in the US?


The first episode of the Halo series is now available on YouTube in the United States

Paramount trying really hard to make it aura attracted potential customers, so much so that they took the unusual step of uploading the entire pilot episode of the series youtube Free in the United States.

I’m not sure how long it will be available like this and the question remains: is it worth subscribing to Paramount Plus? By itself, probably not, but I would say that if you do sign up, I highly recommend the show from the mayor of Kingston, Jeremy Renner. Some people like all the Star Trek stuff there too.

But back to hello. I think he did a really good job with the pilot, so much so that I admitted that I was wrong about many of my pre-reviews of the series, and in fact, he did a lot of interesting things in the pilot.

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However, I will say that I didn’t like Episode 2 that much, which isn’t free online, and not just because the battles of the first game were missing. The script here is just… weird, as is the characterization of Chief, I guess, and not just because he feels like an entirely different character with his helmet on. We’ll see where things go from here, but I’ll warn you that I don’t think episode 2 is as good as the free episode 1 that can be watched in the US. But obviously the entire season is probably best judged entirely before making a final statement.

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Despite these kinds of debates, Halo is already paying for Paramount Plus. It’s the best debut for a show in the streaming service’s short lifetime, which might not say much, but it is something. And even before the first season aired, the second was already greenlighted, probably because of how much they’ve already spent on production and assumed a rating level that would justify it. He guessed right, it seems.

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