Why did Starr only play three shows outside the United States?

Why did Starr only play three shows outside the United States?

Despite Elvis Presley being one of the best-selling singers around the world, the star has never toured the world.

The king has never lived so long. With the release of the movie ‘Elvis’, the name of one of the most famous actors that ever lived, comes back to the surface among the old and new generations. long directed baz luhrmannwho brings Austin Butler In Star’s Skin, hit theaters in Brazil last week and features the rise and fall of elvis presleyVai, who went on to become one of the most profitable artists in music history.

One of the attention-grabbing points in the biopic is the desire that the artist expressed to perform outside the United States, however, he was being prevented by businessman Colonel Tom Parker (the role played by). Tom Hanks) So, many wonder: did this really happen in the career of the star?

Well, it’s worth mentioning, as reported by Rolling Stone Brazil, that Elvis Presley He only did three shows outside Uncle Sam’s Land. In 1957, the artist made three productions in the neighboring country of Canada. However, it is a fact that tom parkerIn fact, influenced the artist’s performance outside America.


Although man has gone down in history tom parkerhe was born as Andreas Cornelius Van Cuisco and were responsible for the early stages of Elvis’ career. However, its past is marked by controversies. Suspects indicate that Tom Parker was a fugitive from the Netherlands and found illegal immigration to the US. As a result, it was difficult for them to leave the country to accompany elvis For example, on a world tour.

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He married a US-born woman and also served in the military, however, he was not registered as a foreigner under the Smith Act of 1940. presley They also did not find the means, that is, the amnesty program, which could regulate their status in the country before the law.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the report, the submissions made by elvis Did not have a presence in Canada (Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto). parker, Despite not needing a passport, he opted to stay in the United States.


In addition, to make elvis did not tour outside the US, the agent pointed to the following issues: lack of security, a general infrastructure at K’s concerts elvis, in addition to the cost of tickets, which will be higher. And anyone who imagines that Elvis was not jealous of the businessman’s constant refusal is mistaken.

For example, in 1974, presley A millionaire offer was received to go on a tour in Australia, however, the invitation was shelved by Tom Parker. elvisHe would even fire the businessman when he came to know about the deal offer.


missed the episode jerry shilling During a conversation with Noise11. the one that included the working group that surrounded elvis (Memphis Mafia) recalled the artist’s desire to travel outside America.

Tense stretch!

“I was at that late night meeting at the Las Vegas Hilton. elvis wanted to travel abroad. He wanted to go to Australia, Japan. The colonel said: ‘If you go, I will not go with you’. Elvis said, ‘Okay then, you’re fired’,” he explained. jerry,

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He also said that people didn’t have the ‘courage’ to approach the artist when he tried to arrange the tour.

“When Elvis tried to set up a tour, no one dared to approach him for fear of the colonel. [os produtores] Had relations with the colonel. He respected the colonel. They didn’t want to run over him. At the end of the day, Elvis couldn’t get where he wanted to go because of business constraints,” he said.

saga of a star

The story of Elvis Presley is remembered in the podcast ‘Desventuras’. With narration by Vitor Soares and script by Aventuras na Historia, the episode recounts one of the main events that marked the rise and fall of the King of Rock.

Check it out below!

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