Why did the world get excited by China’s landing on Mars?

Robô chinês pousa em Marte

“Landing on Mars is the latest achievement of China’s space program. China has demonstrated its fighting spirit,” Scientific American magazine commented on its website about the Chinese probe Tianwen-1 on Saturday (15).

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China International Radio – With the successful landing of the Chinese probe with the Zurong Explorer on Mars, China’s interplanetary discovery has reached a historic leap from the Earth-Moon system to the interplanetary field. Officials from NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space institutions were greeted, and the international media reported the incident with great enthusiasm.

The successful landing of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft shows that China has mastered many complex techniques for safe landing on Mars. The Wall Street Journal commented that after being banned from NASA-related programs by the United States in 2011, China had to undertake space exploration alone, but through its long-standing efforts, it is now at the forefront of the field .

Indeed, the successful landing of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on Mars is not only a technical honor for China, but has an important significance for the entire world.

In the scientific and technological fields, landing on Mars is an important step in the discovery of the universe by humanity. Discoveries about this planet will not only help people better understand the mysteries of the universe and the origin of life, but will also accelerate evolution on Earth itself, as many new technologies arise during the discovery of Mars. China’s progress in this area will undoubtedly contribute significantly.

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At the same time, the Chinese Mars Exploration Mission created a new platform for international cooperation. In fulfillment of the current Tianwen-1 mission, the China Space Agency collaborated on a number of projects with space institutions from other countries or blocks. Scientists around the world also hope that the Zurong rover can provide previously unknown information and improve human understanding of Mars and the universe.

China’s technological leap in space exploration has undoubtedly created new expectations for technology and innovation worldwide. Most importantly, China has shown that replacing “competition in space” with “cooperation in space” is of equal interest to all humanity.

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