Why Do I Write Essays So Slowly?

We have to be honest — we don’t know why you write essays slowly. We have no idea about your particular situation and how you got there. Still, we know about some standard reasons that may slow the process of essay writing normally and we want to share some ways out with you. Most probably you will find yourself in some of the following situations, but we recommend to read not only about them, but the entire article, so you are well-prepared for any situation.

Also, we want to mention that writing essays slowly is not the end of the world, not in academia. Of course, if you cannot deal with your papers on time and it affects your performance rate at the end of each semester, it is a problem. However, if you just feel that others do it faster and you would also like to have that freedom to finish things faster would be nice, you should not focus too much on it. The major idea is quality — if you write slowly, but submit quality papers on time, it is all that actually matters.

Why Students Write Essays Slowly

These options are universal, still, you may find out that not all of them apply to you. You should track your own performance, understand what slows you down, even make notes. For example, you just stopped writing. Why? What are you thinking about? What is the distraction?

1. You are tired

It is the simplest reason that should be considered. Yes, it is rather boring, you think ‘ok, can you come up with a better reason?”. However, the truth is, it is the first reason you should think about. There are also options within this one option. You may be too tired in general — morally or physically. If you are tired of typing — your eyes need some distraction. You may also be tired of the same activity, for example, when you keep writing one essay after another. In this case you need to change activity, maybe have some air and only later return to your assignment. When our brain is tired, it takes all the energy it can find in you and spreads it between vital organs and processes. As you can imagine, “submitting an essay on time” is not a vital process in your brain’s opinion.

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2. You are a perfectionist

It may seem like we are paying you a compliment, but actually, we are not. Being a perfectionist often means not being able to get things done, and it is hardly the result you count on. Perfectionism should not slow you down, but for many students it is exactly the case.

3. Too many distractions

You know the topic, you are not tired, but for some reason you just cannot make yourself finish the assignment. Concentration is a tricky thing – you cannot just keep it high with your will power. It is impossible. If you are distracted by some annoying music, or people talking around you, or conditions that are not suitable (too hot, too cold, too something) you will not be able to focus enough. In this case the only logical thing is to minimize distractions one by one to find the one that actually matters. The author of this article, for example, gets extremely annoyed and distracted in an airless room, but can easily work with music or people talking around. Such cases are strongly individual.

Learn How to Write Quality Essays Faster

Build a logical structure

Usually, when reading, the eye “clings” to the headings, and then to the subheadings. Therefore, you need to immediately watch that the points of the plan are ready-made subheadings and are collected in a mini-text. But it is tedious to return to the plan at the beginning of the document every time. While scrolling, you can get distracted and lose your mind. Therefore, I immediately keep the whole plan in front of my eyes, simply by opening the document structure.

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Delegate some of your tasks

As we have said earlier, if you have too many assignments to deal with, you will do everything slowly and in the end miss the deadline. A simple “do my essays” request can solve these problems. Of course, we don’t offer to delegate all of your tasks, but wouldn’t it be nice to share your burden? Addressing a professional service will allow you to create some space for yourself, while your essays are taken care of. Choose a quality service, to make sure your order is addressed by experts with a reliable background. When you feel less stressed by the deadline, there is a big chance you will deal with other assignments much faster.

Use better fonts

Typing body text with Arial and Times New Roman typefaces is the most familiar, but not the safest option for your eyes. Take Verdana – at the end of writing a multi-page text, your eyes will thank you. The font has equal height and width of the letters, as well as large letter spacing. In practice, this means that the letters will be easy to read even on a small monitor with a low resolution. Eric Spiekermann explained everything about the readability of fonts with examples in his book About Type. You can trust him: the author has developed a sign system for the Berlin transport network and a typeface for Audi. Spiekermann clearly shows which typeface is better to choose for typing a large piece of text, and which one is better for printing corporate letterheads.

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As we’ve said from the very beginning — we don’t know why exactly you write your essays slow. In this article we’ve tried to show you why it can be so. Use our tips, analyze your own reasons, and you will be able to solve this problem for good. And again, writing slow is not a problem, submitting papers late or writing low quality papers fast are much bigger problems!

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