Why Stand Up Pouches Are The Best Option For Packaging Food

Why Stand Up Pouches Are The Best Option For Packaging Food

Stand up pouches are the future of flexible packaging. Custom stand up pouches offer not only convenience but the same high-quality protection that other packaging does but with superior design and printing capabilities. Find out why choosing standup pouches for flexible packaging is the best choice for businesses and consumers alike. 

Quality Of Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches offer the same high-quality packaging that brands are familiar with and then some. Materials provide strong barriers for longer-lasting products. Designs with resealable closures and opaque printing are child-resistant between meals and for busy parents. Post-consumer recycled materials and recyclable materials reassure consumers that stand up pouches are an eco-friendly product convenient now and for the future. 

Longer Lasting Products

Stand up food pouches keep food fresher for longer.  Food maintains its freshness thanks to flexible packaging with high barrier protective films and airtight seals. The prolonged shelf life of food helps reduce the amount of food thrown away, thus reducing overall waste.

Convenient Products 

One of the most critical design features of stand up pouches is the actual stand up part. Consumers are ever obsessed with aesthetics and convenience. When even resealable packaging becomes crumpled and wadded, consumers are less likely to finish a product. Stand up pouches address this issue twofold. By offering the convenience of a stand up pouch, goods and packaging are less likely to be damaged in travel. The preservation of shape and food increased the likelihood of more products being consumed rather than wasted. 

Resealable Products 

Stand up pouches also have reseal technology. Reseal technology enhances the convenience of the stand up design and complements high-quality materials like high barrier films and air-tight seals. Once unsealed, the reseal technology can be resealed again and again without damaging the food products inside the pouch. Each time the packaging is resealed, food is again protected from the elements remaining fresher for longer. The ability to reseal food products means that rather than throwing them away and sending them to a landfill, consumers can put a ‘pause’ on eating and save it for later, relying on the reseal technology to keep it fresh. 

High-Quality Products

High barrier films and air-tight seals better protect perishable goods. The use of these quality materials prevents air and moisture from reaching highly perishable products. The shelf life of products is extended when covered from exposure to the elements. Many of the sustainable materials are made from post-consumer recycled goods, meaning businesses can fulfill their sustainability quotas without requiring additional action from consumers. 

Customizable Products 

Custom mylar bags are flexible and entirely customizable. Certified child-resistant, odor and moisture resistant, and with sustainable options, businesses can move to stand up pouches, so they not only check all the boxes but can feel good. Mylar bag printing is vibrant, anti-counterfeit-enabled packaging option that ensures product quality and customer safety. The high-quality films of stand up pouches can also be printed for marketing and branding needs. 

Stand up pouches offer businesses flexible, child-resistant, and eco-friendly packaging options. Fully customizable, stand up packaging will ensure consumers experience the convenience and the high level of quality and safety they expect from businesses. 

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