Why Tesla should fear Apple car – Money Times

Why Tesla should fear Apple car - Money Times
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Speculation about Apple car has intensified: gathering everywhere (image: press release)

It is already known Apple ()AAPL) Has long been planning a $ 3.6 billion water investment in Kia Motors to increase production capacity for its Apple car, shared by Bruna Bonner and Christina Bonner.

Kia should have used its setup to see the relationship AmericaLocated in Georgia as a production center.

Kia, which is part of the group Hyundai motor, Could partner with Apple to make Apple’s first car by 2024, when manufacturing is in full swing, to produce 100,000 cars a year.

Speculation Apple car is abundant all aroundSince the announcement of the Titan project in 2014, accumulating everywhere, reports have long suggested Apple’s forest in automobiles.

The Titan Project is the Cupertino giant’s effort to develop a driverless system – a massive attraction for Apple’s self-driving car, in theory. Consumers.

According to Christina Bonner and Bruna Bonner, this driverless system will attract users who not only see Apple as a lifestyle choice, but a trusted brand that can provide a reliable security profile for driverless technology.

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Apple has fallen before cars (Image: Disclosure)

This is against the backdrop of important news about large places. Technique. Apple recently introduced Porsche’s vice president of chassis development Dr. Manfred Harrer was hired to help transform Project Titan’s ambitions into a full-fledged vehicle (via 9to5mac).

The news of major hiring adds real weight to the viability of an Apple car, especially in light of many rumors.

The association between Kia and Apple is a milestone for the eventual realization of an Apple car model. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the partnership will see Apple’s co-opting Hyundai’s E-GMP battery-powered electric vehicle platform, which forms the current base of the group’s future electric cars and is differentiated by its efficiency.

Apple has previously ventured into automobiles only with Apple CarPlay, which takes your favorite car apps and transmits them directly to your car’s touchscreen.

It now looks like the company has shifted gears, finally getting closer to making the long-awaited Apple car a reality. Christina Bonner and Bruna Bonner say the likes of T3’s Best Carplay Stereo should help find a new place to broadcast their favorite music while on the road.

Apple’s rumor has impressed us from all angles recently: T3 coverage of major camera updates that are scheduled to arrive on Apple’s iPhone 13, and even Apple’s discovery of an unusual hidden feature in Safari There is also talk of an imminent launch of K AirTags.

Tesla TSLA Cars Cars
Tesla to take care of itself (Image: Unsplash / @milkensimmia)

The road ahead seems busy for Apple with its continued innovations.

Maybe we can see Apple AirTags with accessories for Apple car models, a kind of spare key or hidden tracker to work against theft; You should remember the T3’s coverage of the car’s digital features, allowing devices like the Apple Watch Series 6 to unlock your car in some magical way.

Bruna Bonner states that an Apple car will provide endless opportunities for integration with Apple’s broader ecosystem and the T3 is certainly excited by the many possibilities of technological talent that this vehicle will open up.

by Christina Bonner I Bruna Bonner

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