Why the advent of Chrome 100 and Firefox 100 is rocking the Internet

Les versions 100 de Chrome et Firefox pourraient bloquer l'affichage de sites et de services Internet. © Joshua Woroniecki

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Updated approximately monthly firefox And chrome Your 100 soon. will celebrateI the version. Currently, Firefox is in its 97. is onI version, while Chrome is already 98. has crossed the milestone ofI the version. Which means that at the current rate, in the spring, both will blow out their 100 candles. Barring any setbacks, it’s scheduled for March 29 and May 3 for Chrome. firefox,

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a party to some site editors… in fact, bleeding computer reports that Mozilla has already anticipated this move in version 100, and the problem is that some of the most popular sites no longer work! And at least since our coworkers report that Yahoo! Like Eurosport Player and Slack is no longer displayed. Instead, an error message appears stating that the browser used is not supported by the site. , full list of insects available on this page,

three digit problem

than the reason for this hiccups bug de lan 2000 , This three-digit number: 100. In fact, when you access a website with a browser, a . From computertablet or MobileIn order for the site to be displayed correctly, the server needs to recognize it. this is the function user agent ,UAA) It detects the browser editor (Mozilla, Safari, Opera…), its rendering engine (Apple Webkit, Lizard) and hence its version.

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Based on the “identity card” of the browser, the server returns the most appropriate version of the website. For example, if you are surfing from a mobile, the server will display the optimized version for the mobile, not the thumbnail version of the version for it. computer, The problem is that this function was not designed for three-digit numbers.

Incidentally, it wasn’t even originally designed for two-digit numbers, and when browsers first hit version 10 12 years ago, many Problem Was discovered, and quickly corrected. at the house of firefox, as with Chrome, so we figured out the problem and several tests are in progress; In favor of Google, we assure that most of the faults have been rectified. But, as few remain, it is necessary to find an invincible parade.

two parade plans

So the developers of each browser have a plan B as Mozzilla writes. her blog, In Chrome, this involves adding a pointer to set the version to 99 and reporting the actual major version number in the so-called “minor” part of the string. user agent, Literally, waiting to find a permanent solution, it will be version 99.100.

On the Firefox side, the strategy is different because you can, on the fly, correct a site that doesn’t show up. Basically, when the server fails to render with version 100, the renderer automatically switches to version 99.

And the edge in all this? like browser Microsoft Based on Chromium, same engine is used chromeIt will also be affected by this bug, and until it is fixed, it may upgrade to version 99.100 to avoid any problems.

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