Widow asks Nike to clarify about sneaker production

Widow asks Nike to clarify about sneaker production

Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant used her social media to convince Nike about a pair of ‘Mambassita’ sneakers being leaked online.

Throughout the Instagram post, Vanessa explains that she intended to sell the shoes and allocate the proceeds to the Fundaço Esportiva Mamba e Mambacita. However, Kobe Bryant’s widow did not approve of the production and sale of the shoes, as her husband’s contract with Nike was not re-signed.

Vanessa worked with Nike to design this particular pair of shoes as a tribute to her daughter Gianna and her husband Kobe Bryant, who died after a plane crash in January 2020.

“This is a shoe I worked on in honor of my daughter Gianna. She was supposed to be called Mambasita (…) I chose the colors in honor of her uniform, the number 2 she wore on her uniform, in the pattern The interior, in gold instead of Kobe and Gigi Kobe’s signature, on the back, shoe interior details (butterfly, feather, halo), etc. Mambassita shoes are not approved for sale. I would like it to be given to my daughter out of respect for all Proceeds to be sold to benefit our foundation, but I did not renew Nike’s contract to sell these shoes. The shoes were not previously approved to be manufactured. Nike sold any of these pairs to me or my girls was not sent to him,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Where were the ‘Mambassita’ shoes sold?

In the description of the post, Vanessa asks her to share how they had access to the shoes, to which users on social media quickly responded that a UK tennis store called ‘Footpatrol’ sold the shoes as part of a raffle. was issued in; While sites like GOAT and Flight Club already sell them for $1500 and $1800 respectively (R$7.6 and R$9,200 in today’s quote).

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As of now, Nike, GOAT, Footpatrol and Flight Club have not responded to questions asked by Vanessa Bryant.

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