Will Australia’s exit from the Covid-19 pandemic make you scream with anger or joy?

Will Australia’s exit from the Covid-19 pandemic make you scream with anger or joy?

As Professor Stuart Turville, a virologist at the Kirby Institute, ABC. SaidThe delta variant is more contagious and almost not fatal.

“Looking at 28 days post-infection follow-up, the mortality rate for the original forms was 1.9 percent,” he said. “So far, the delta version shows a mortality rate of 0.3 percent.”

Over time, there is more room for trust. Peter Collignon, a physician and professor of microbiology at the Australian National University with whom I talk a lot about pandemics, reminded me this week that Australia is better now than it was a year ago, although implementation has been slow. , more has been given.. 7 million hits.

He said those with the highest vaccination rates are most vulnerable – Australians over the age of 70.

Over the next three months, if more vaccine supplies arrive in Australia as scheduled, deaths and hospitalizations will likely continue to drop as more people are protected by vaccines and then, as the prime minister announced today, Everyone would receive a vaccine, and life would start to feel “natural” back. We may still have to get tested for Covid before traveling abroad, but hey, at least let’s go.

Is everything too slow? Yes. Is it annoying? Of course, much more if you’re careful. For example, people like Callignon and Holden have been warning for months that this winter will be worse if the vaccine is not launched quickly. And they were right.

But at the same time, finally, an end point is approaching – the horizon, as government officials say. And seal that anger with desire and hope.

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