Will there be a sequel to the Netflix film? Release date etc.

Will there be a sequel to the Netflix film?  Release date etc.

killer instinct Netflix has a new hit. Although it was released under skepticism, the film quickly reached the top 10 of the service, showing its ability to promote the most diverse titles. The feature was released in 2021, and came on service only in 2022.

Directed by David Hackl, killer instinct Starring Scott Eastwood as Dylan Forrester. The character was supposed to be a dangerous sociopath, who is now trying to reshape himself. So he travels to a remote island near Washington to attend his brother’s funeral.

However, a band of elite mercenaries on the island take Dylan and his family hostage. The result is a film with unbridled action sequences and Dylan’s quest for revenge and his attempt to save his family.

Given all the success in the catalogue, apart from the open points at the end of the film, fans question whether there will be a sequel. i.e. it is possible that killer instinct 2 be produced? let’s find out.

killer instinct 2 what will happen?

the future so far killer instinct 2 Not yet known. Although it was made available worldwide by Netflix, the rights holder of the film is Lionsgate. In return, he acquired the rights to the feature for the US and UK from the International Film Trust (IFT).

For Canada, he bought the title Mind’s Eye Entertainment. Other countries include Latin America (California), Benelux (Dutch Filmworks), Australia (Defant Screen), Italy (Leon), South Korea (Joy Ann Cinema) and Greece (Tanvir).

Along with this, the license of Lionsgate allows the film to be released on multiple platforms. This is how the film ended up on Netflix. In turn, the film’s release in the US was not so positive. Feather rotten TomatoesIt is possible to find some adjectives for film such as silly, common, obsolete and spoiled.

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Not only this, critics on the same website gave it a score of 26%. Furthermore, the public also criticized the feature with around 39% approval. However, we already know that this is not a hindrance killer instinct 2, If the film gains even more popularity, we can see the film repeating what happened with 365 days.

The Polish film reached the same position on Netflix and was, in turn, the most-watched film of 2020. As well as the action film, 365 Days was hit by critics and the public as well. Still, thanks to the success in the Netflix catalog, it won two sequels.

premiere of killer instinct 2 on netflix

As of now, both the continuation of the film and its release date are just speculations. In short, Netflix will need to acquire the film rights once and for all. Another good option would be to produce a sequel next to the studio.

As the film failed in theatres, production killer instinct 2 Would be a good idea for streaming. If this actually happens, we can expect the film to go into service in 2024. We reiterate that, as of now, there has been no confirmation. But if confirmed, we will update this article.

possible history of killer instinct 2

Image: Disclosure / Netflix / Lionsgate

Throughout the film’s plot, we follow Dylan Forrester, an ex-con and ex-sociologist, who tries to serve his sentence. With the help of medicine and his psychiatrist, Dylan is able to take his small steps. However, her life changes when her brother discovers her under mysterious circumstances.

Dylan then breaks probation and goes undercover to try to find out the truth. However, Dylan’s brother was hiding something valuable and, in return, a band of heavily armed mercenaries wanted it. Soon, Dylan will need all his cunning and tactical skills to survive.

To finish it off, an FBI agent is on your toes, trying to capture Dylan. Somehow, killer instinct 2 There is room for this to happen and a lot comes from the way the film ends. In the final scenes, Dylan manages to reconcile with his family.

But in the face of all events, it was certain that Cole’s men would follow him. Eventually, Cole believes he needs to pay off Sean’s debt. So Dylan pulled the gold out of the tunnel and left the island for the safety of his family.

With an uncertain destiny, nowhere to go, killer instinct 2 Dylan dealing with other enemies. At the same time, you have to escape from Cole’s men.

Cast: Who Can Return?

As mentioned, the film stars Scott Eastwood. The actor has been involved in other action films, most notably Fast & Furious 8 and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Certainly, in a possible sequel, we will have the return of the actor.

The cast also includes Mel Gibson, who plays Dylan’s psychiatrist Dr. Alder wood. In addition, Kevin Durand, Famke Janssen and Tyrese Gibson are still present as main characters.

We still don’t know which of these actors will return killer instinct 2, However, we may see him once again in a possible sequel. Complementing the cast are Brenda Bazzinet, Ryan Robbins, Brendan Fletcher, Leanne Lapp, Chad Rook and Brock Morgan.

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What to watch while you wait?

Basic Instinct 2 will be on Netflix
Image: Disclosure / Netflix / Lionsgate

If you love action and revenge movies, Netflix has great options. However, we’ve singled out five options that you can give a chance while you wait for a possible sequel.

  1. John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill;
  2. corruption network;
  3. rescue;
  4. endless night;
  5. code (secure).

So would you like to produce on Netflix? killer instinct 2,

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