Windows 10: Surprise changes made by Microsoft

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Windows 10 Many new changes have been discovered for users around the world, and this is because Microsoft has a big plan to improve the user experience for everyone. In particular, Microsoft has decided that Windows 10 will require a new set of icons for certain elements of the operating system, and below you can see what testing the US company has started, all without too much detail. K.

Windows 10 Microsoft has changed many icons in File Explorer, and you can see below that Americans thought it would be good to change for everyone using the operating system. We are basically talking about some visual changes for Windows 10 that do not greatly affect the experience of using the operating system, but only bring some novelty elements to the visually impaired PCs.

Windows 10: Surprise changes made by Microsoft

Windows 10 icon search

Windows 10 There is a modified icon for the recycle bin and for the partitioning of storage media, as you can see above, the changes are not included in the category of absolutely necessary. These icon changes are in line with those made some time ago by Microsoft for other elements of Windows 10, so we’re just talking about continuing the process of idea visual improvements for all of them in Redmond.

Windows 10 file search

Windows 10 Microsoft has not made such serious changes to the visual department with updates that will be released soon, but this should not be a major problem as people are not too keen on such anyway. Windows 10 has other major problems with the features released so far, and with those in readiness, they generally have much bigger issues every time they are released.

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Windows 10 These visual changes will be released along with the next major update to be released in May, with everyone expected to be released in May.

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