Windows 11 already has a release date; Updates can be done for free

Windows 11 already has a release date;  Updates can be done for free

Microsoft brings good news to millions of its customers around the world! The official release date of its new operating system version has been released. hey windows 11 Comes with some news. check out.

From October 5, the software will be available for free updates. The process will be gradual and will take into account the requirements of each device.

Windows 11: Make sure your computer is compatible

The new computers, as Microsoft’s official launch, will leave the Store with Windows 11 pre-installed. Windows 10 users need to be aware of the upgrade requirements.

Listed below with some minimum requirements According to information from Microsoft, for installation:

  • computer with at least a 1 gigahertz (GHz) processor;
  • Minimum RAM memory should be 4GB;
  • Available hard disk space must be at least 64 GB;
  • DirectX 12/WDDM 2.x compatible graphics card;
  • Screen larger than 9 inches with HD resolution (720p);
  • good quality internet;
  • Calculations from Microsoft.

Remember that these are basic requirements. To check details, visit microsoft site.

What’s new in Windows 11?

In terms of usability, Windows 11 has basically the same features as its predecessor. So the company says that users will continue to have a “cool and creative” space, with “a new Start menu and new ways to engage with favorite people, news, games and content.”

Thanks to tools like “Snap Layout, Desktop and a new, more intuitive reconnect experience,” version 11 will make apps easier to access.

Microsoft Teams, the chat service, calling, sharing, video conferencing and workspaces will be permanently integrated into Windows 11.

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The Microsoft Edge browser, in its version 2, will apparently integrate the operating system as well. It will bring several configurable widgets, providing access to news and entertainment compatible with user profiles.

Anyone who expects a version that will provide more integration with the applications on your Android device will be disappointed. But it is expected that some Android apps will be available on Windows 11 by 2022.

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