Windows 11 gets a new volume bar design after 10 years

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ten years after, Microsoft announced a new design for volume bar Flyout (or flyout), which appears when a device is connected or when the user adjusts the volume via the computer keyboard. Present design was introduced with Windows 8, in 2012.

According to Amanda Langowski, head of Windows Insider at Microsoft, the new look will “align with the design principles of Windows 11”. In addition, indicators of Glow, camera privacy, camera on/off I airplane mode A design update will also be received. “Brightness and volume indicators will remain interactive with the update.”

The new volume flyout bar matches the Windows 11 designSource: Disclosure / Windows

Build 22533 . more updates from

These changes are in the new build 22533 of . are part of windows 11, which will also introduce “a new calling experience for the app” your telephone on Windows 11. A separate call window is in progress, containing updates user interface System updates to re-align with the design, such as fonts, icons, and other items.

Your Phone app call window gets a new user interfaceYour Phone app call window gets a new user interfaceSource: Disclosure / Microsoft

Also, it will now be possible to search for “Voice Access” directly from the taskbar and pin shortcut for voice access on the taskbar. Finally, Microsoft will now allow you to uninstall the app Watch,

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