Windows 11: Microsoft updates integrated applications

Windows 11: Microsoft updates integrated applications

Developers Some can test Windows 11 built-in applications that have been updated by Microsoft. Snipping Tool, Calculator, Email and Almanac Received minor improvements designed to match the new visual style of Windows 11.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is replacing the classic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch app with a new Snipping app that combines the best features of both the apps.


Also, the keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + S will be the main way to take a screenshot and activate the cropping menu with various options for selecting the content to be captured.

Description of App Updates for Windows 11

Once a screenshot is taken, the cropping tool includes editing options for outlines, annotations, and more. Also there is a new dark mode option in this tool.

The cropping tool now has dark mode. Image: Microsoft Disclosure

Regarding the Calendar and Email applications, Windows Senior Program Manager Dave Grochoki explains that Microsoft “added rounded corners and other tweaks to make it suitable for Windows 11.”

In the Calculator app, small improvements will allow the user to set a different theme than the one being used in the rest of Windows 11. Microsoft rewrote the calculator in C#, allowing developers to contribute its improvements. GitHub.

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The email application received rounded corners and other changes to make it compatible with Windows 11. Image: Microsoft Disclosure

Now testers can use Individual and group calls Audio or video in Microsoft Teams. You can also share the screen, as you would in the normal Microsoft Teams app.

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These aren’t the only apps that will be updated. Grochocki’s blog post hints that there’s more to come by the (potentially) release of Windows 11 in October.

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