Windows 11: Unsupported PCs receive system updates

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft reported that Windows 11 installs on computers that do not conform to Minimum System Requirements Updates will no longer be received after the release of the stable version of the software, which happened on the 5th. However, the plans for the Redmond Company have changed.

The first cumulative update for Windows 11, made available on Tuesday (12), also reached unsupported computers, as reported by the site htnovo. Devices detected as not supported by the PC Health Check app used by the publication received the same build installed on machines that met Microsoft’s requirements.

In a statement released in June, Big Tech said that Unsupported computers will not be entitled to the update When the new generation of the system was available to the general public. It also recommended that members of the Insider Program switch back to Windows 10 if they use an unsupported machine.

Windows installation can be done on unsupported PC.Source: unsplash

Despite this, many doubted whether the updates would actually be made available to this audience. Apparently, the mystery has been solved, but there is a possibility that the update will be cut for these PCs at some point, as highlighted in Windows Central.

what’s new?

Windows 11 Patch Tuesday, as it is known as Microsoft’s first cumulative update in the monthly cycle, enhances the operating system security and includes some fixes and improvements. A bug that the KB5006674 package fixes Affected connection speed.

This issue was related to an Intel network driver compatibility failure that caused the device to drop User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets. Under certain conditions, affected machines may experience slow loading of video streaming sites and platforms.

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The Windows 11 maintenance stack responsible for installing system updates has also been improved, making the tool “more robust and reliable.” These and other improvements are available in updates downloaded through Windows Update Microsoft Update Catalog – The latter case for manual downloads.

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