Windows 11: User reveals “trick” to bypass Microsoft account requirement on installation

Windows 11: User reveals "trick" to bypass Microsoft account requirement on installation

with release expected next thursday (24), Windows 11 is already among us – at least its trial version. now what We had access to the new start menu, Wallpapers and even new Resources developed by Microsoft.

However, what really caught the attention of many users is the system installation process. This is because Microsoft Removed the ability for the user to create a local account to use the software.

The Home edition of Windows 11 excluded the user’s ability to access the system with a local account. The system now requires you to log in to an existing Microsoft account or create a new one.

look under it Only Windows 11 Pro will allow you to use a local account:

Although the new operating system requires an Internet connection to complete the installation, a user Managed to find a way to bypass the Microsoft account requirement In Home Edition.

When Windows 11 Home asks users to join an Internet network, a simple ‘Alt + F4’ shortcut closes the prompt and the screen goes straight to the local account creation page.

For now, it is not possible to know whether the absence of the option to configure the system with a local account will become standard in Windows 11 Home. That’s because the leaked version is still out Testing phase may change till the last compilation.

Anyway, the shortcut discovered by user adam may help those who are still Installing software on virtual machines for testing Or just to try out the new system interface.

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