With Carol’s show, Brazil beat Poland and kept pace in the League of Nations

With Carol's show, Brazil beat Poland and kept pace in the League of Nations

Carol was the highlight of Brazil’s victory over Poland (Photo: Disclosure / League of Nations)

Photo: Launch!

Brazil took second victory in Women’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL) And continue to accelerate this journey towards Paris-2024. This Thursday, José Roberto Guimaraes’ team staggered, but beat Poland 3–0, partly of 25–23, 25–20 and 25–22, in Bossier City, United States, thanks to a brilliant performance by Kendra Carol. Along and a distribution show by Lifter Macarius.

Kendra was the highest scorer, with 15 hits, five in strikes, seven in blocks and three in serves. Opposite Lorraine scored eight, followed by central Diana and forward Julia Bergman, both scored eight.

The next challenge for the Brazilians is against the Dominican Republic this Friday, at 19:00 (Brasilia time). The opponents are commanded by Marcos Quique of Brazil. The final challenge of the green and yellow teams in the United States stage takes place on Saturday at 10 p.m. against the hosts.

Pri Daroit invades Poland (Photo: Disclosure / League of Nations)

Pri Daroit invades Poland (Photo: Disclosure / League of Nations)

Photo: Launch!

The selection had more inattention in the first two sets than in the debut against Germany. Silly mistakes in defense and ball control show that there is room for growth.

The Poles, commanded by the Italian Stefano Lavarini, showed an aggressive disposition, especially with Rozanski, Lukasik and Kakolevska. Therefore, the blockade of Brazil was a necessary basis for stopping the opponents’ momentum.

Kareena, in a crucial service pass at the end of the second set, showed that she was ready to stick to the basics in critical moments.

The third set was the best of the Brazilians. Makris put all the forwards to play and slowly managed to get the best out of each one. Polish women had a higher number of errors as a negative sign. Carol undertook a massive blockade to permanently undermine the confidence of the Europeans. It was she who closed the game with full effect.

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