With Meirelles, Doria begins assembling an economic team for 2022

With Meirelles, Doria begins assembling an economic team for 2022

Governor two days after winning PSDB’s presidential caucus joao doria Confirmed today that the state’s finance secretary, Henrik Meirels (PSD), has accepted an invitation to join the team that will coordinate his government’s planning in the economic sector.

In reference to the current Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, Doria said he would not have an “Ipiranga post” on the team. In the 2018 presidential campaign, Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) used this expression to introduce the chief economist of his team.

According to Toucan, there will be six major names “with equal prominence” in the area of ​​the group dedicated to preparing the economic plan.

The full composition of the group is expected to be announced by the end of this week. Economist Ana Carla Abraho is one of the names listed, along with Arminio Fraga.

The former chairman of the Central Bank is considered one of Doria’s main negotiators and maintains close ties with the governor.

In a press conference in the PSDB-SP directory, Doria praised the PSDB president, Bruno Araujo (PE), and opponents Eduardo Leite (RS) and Arthur Virgilio (AM), but denied that he had played Rio Grande do Sul. The Governor was invited. To coordinate the campaign in 2022.

When asked about a possible alliance with former minister Sergio Moro (Podemos), Doria praised the former Lava Jato judge and said that a meeting with him and the president of Podemos, deputy Renata Abreu (SP), is scheduled, when He returns from a trip. to New York, next Sunday (5)

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The governor will leave for the United States tomorrow, where he will inaugurate an office of InvestSP (Paulista Agency for Promotion and Investments).

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