With Silver, Fê Gare and Camilla Brett bid farewell to volleyball team

With Silver, Fê Gare and Camilla Brett bid farewell to volleyball team

a Women’s Volleyball Team Wins Silver Medal at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, after a loss to the United States, this Sunday (8), marked the departure of Fu Gare and Camila Breit from the court with the shirts of the Brazilian team.

Having also won gold at the age of 35 and at the Third Olympiad, London 2012, Gare says that the end of the cycle he lived with the national team was “tough, so you have to celebrate” by winning the silver medal.

“I end this cycle with pride in what we have done. I am very happy to have done all this. I thought many times that I would not make it. In the national team, you can’t be more or less.” I’ve never been here more or less. I end this journey. Very proud of what we did”, says Fu Gare.

The team’s Libero, which also announced its departure with the Brazilian shirt, insisted that Brazilian women are seen as the “fourth, fifth, perhaps sixth force” at these Olympic Games, hence the need for second place. Victory should be celebrated. Camilla Brett finished her cycle in the national team at the age of 32.

Brazil overtook South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Serbia and Kenya in the first leg to win the silver medal at Tokyo 2020. In the quarter-finals, they defeated the Russian Olympic Committee, and again caught South Korea in the semi-finals, reaching the final unbeaten in the competition.

In the deciding game, however, the Brazilian team failed to capture the United States. North Americans did 0 to 3 sets with portions of 25/21, 25/20 and 25/14.

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