With the return of former goalkeeper Zetti, São Paulo increased the presence of idols at the club

With the return of former goalkeeper Zetti, São Paulo increased the presence of idols at the club
By Thursday, São Paulo will have another idol, which will take place at one of the clubs. Former goalkeeper Zetti will begin work at the grassroots as the ground player preparation coordinator. President Julio Cáceres and the board’s intention is that Zetti’s experience can also contribute to the creation of talents and the young people’s identity with the club’s history.

Zetti was one of the most successful goalkeepers in the history of São Paulo. Hired in 1990, he remained until 1996 and was a starter in the Brazilian Championship triumph in 1991 and the Libertadores in 1992 and 1993 and the World Cup second championship. For the Brazilian team, he was a part of 1994. World Cup champion group, in the United States. Zetti retired from Sport in 2001.

“On Thursday we are going to announce Zetti, who will also be part of the coordination of the goalkeeping coaches who are teachers in Cotia,” Sao Paulo’s president, Julio Casares, said on Monday. After retiring, Zetti created the School of Closing the Goal, specifically for the training and orientation of future goalkeepers. Activities range from theoretical classes to muscle work.

In recent years, in addition to Zetti, São Paulo brought together other idols from the past to serve in various roles at the club. Another great name for the team in the 1990s, former midfielder Rai recently stepped in as executive football director. In 2005 world champion Uruguay Diego Lugano had a stint as superintendent of institutional relations. The former defender stepped down in January this year.

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During the 2018 season, Sao Paulo had another ex-guard on the board. In 1991, the Brazilian champion, Ricardo Rocha, worked as a football coordinator. The role is currently played by another idol. Former midfielder and former coach Muraci Ramalho is the one who works in this role and has been an important part in the work of integrating professional artists with Aadhaar.

Another man who worked at the club was Rogerio Kenny. The current Flamengo coach started as a coach in Sao Paulo at the beginning of the 2017 season. After not getting good results, Kenny stepped down in July of the same year. The former goalkeeper has amassed 25 years as a team player and played more than 1,200 matches.

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