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Diogo Soares, ginasta da Academia Pira Olímpica

Diago Soares, gymnast of Pira Olympica Academy

Diogo Soares made the entire premise and transformation the performance at the Academy of Pira Olympica (Photo: Lider Esportage)

Yet without a competitive schedule due to the epidemic of the new coronovirus (Kovid-19), Pirakisaban gymnast Diago Soares followed the plan outlined by coach Daniel Biskillin at Academic Lira Olympica. The athlete works with trains from Monday to Friday, which varies between four and five hours a day. First, Diogo will compete in May for the Pan American Games in the United States. The event guarantees a place at the Tokyo Olympic Games for the top two in general.

“Unfortunately, many of the competitions scheduled for the beginning of the year have already been canceled and we look forward to the Pan American Games, which will be a qualifying competition. In January, we attended a training period at CT Time Brasil in Olympic Park, and I was able to make an assessment regarding Diogo’s performance. Since then, we have been following this line of correcting details so that in the near future, it will develop even more ”, the coach said.


Next weekend, the Brazilian team will meet again for another training camp in Rio de Janeiro. However, the Pirakisbano gymnast will be spared activity by the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation (CBG). “We will preserve it. Diogo is still not 100% physically and, as we will not have any competition anytime soon, we will not expedite the plan. The goal now is to improve, taking good care of flexibility and coordination. Then, when we are close to an event, we will step in, ”said Biskilchin.

The partnership between athlete and trainer, which began when Diogo Sares was only 4 years old, has already yielded significant results for Brazilian gymnastics, including two medals at the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, in addition to the youth of the world. Silver is also included on the rings. Priya Grande stage cup and general individual title of Adult Brazil Championship in 2019. “The work is paying off and Digo is developing mentally a lot. We are on the right track”, added the coach.

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