Women’s volleyball team faces Japan for place in League of Nations decision

Women’s volleyball team faces Japan for place in League of Nations decision

The Brazilian women’s volleyball team will enter the courts this Thursday at 11 a.m. (GMT) to seek a place in the League of Nations decision. In the semi-finals of the competition, Brazil will face Japan in Rimini, Italy. The second match will be between America and Turkey.

Brazil finished the classification stage in second place with 40 points (13 wins and two losses). Japan ranked third with 33 (12 positive and three negative results). In the qualifying stage, the Brazilians defeated the Japanese by 3 sets to 0.

Central Carol, one of Brazil’s highlights in the competition, commented on the League of Nations semi-final hopes against Japan.

“The anticipation of the semifinal against Japan is very good. We are pleased with the development of the team so far in the competition. Japan is a traditional team that has developed a lot in this League of Nations. It is a united team that makes few mistakes, Defends a lot and plays with lots of moves. Our serve will be very important and we need to play very well. We are confident and know it will be a tough game. We are going to look for the final in place”, said Carol.

The women’s team fights for an unprecedented title. In the previous edition of the competition, in 2019, Brazil won the silver medal after overtaking the United States in a decision of 3 sets to 2.

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