World champion and Olympic medalist says, “As a black woman, I kneel every day” athletics

World champion and Olympic medalist says, "As a black woman, I kneel every day" athletics

Considered the fastest woman in Britain at the age of 25, Dina Ashar-Smith is getting ready to compete in the Olympics for the second time in Tokyo. The bronze 4×100 meter relay in Rio in 2016 and the gold in the 200 meters of the Doha Worlds in 2019, the athlete is one of the UK bets for the mega event in 2021. However, apart from the result on the tracks, the British also sees themselves as one of the main names of their games with a more important role in the game.

Dinah Asher-Smith – Photo: Disclosure British Athletics

The highlight of the Indoor Athletics World Tour starting this Friday in Karlsruhe, Germany, Asher-Smith responded by commenting on his role in building black representation as to whether he would take a knee in the competition after the protests, as of the 2020s Since then, he has marked several sports competitions.

– As a black woman, I kneel every day. But I get up, I am very authentic and proud of who I am and I represent everything I do and am able to stand in the arena myself. This is what I do, this is when I am on the line; There, you see me as a black woman in all my vibrations and glory – answered the sprint.

Off-track, the representation is a matter of importance for the British, who, on International Women’s Day in 2020, were awarded a Barbie doll model inspired by them, emphasizing the importance of seeing themselves in the dolls for the first time. gave. Is famous in the world.

Asher-Smith is the only woman in Britain’s history to run 200 meters in less than 22 seconds, setting a record at 100 meters. After winning gold in the 200 meters and silver in the 100 meters in Doha, he brought the first British medal in the sport in 36 years. In Rio, she finished fifth in the 200 meters and won bronze in the 4×100 meter relay won by the United States.

His second participation in the Olympics in 2020, however, was shattered by the coronavirus epidemic, the reality of countless other athletes around the world. However, despite the uncertainty surrounding the Tokyo Games, Ashar-Smith stressed the need to stay focused on the mega event:

– Psychologically, I thought of closing the door by 2020 and all its instability and moving forward over the next four years, which would have major championships each summer. But I call it a new Olympic cycle, a new beginning. From my point of view, we have to be ready, prepared and focused, because that’s what we work for.

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