World Cup players participating in reality shows

World Cup players participating in reality shows

There is a type of quota for athletes in almost all versions of Big Brother. Reality show contestants always include a football player, a fighter, a gymnast, a weightlifter or at least, someone who lives by physical exercise.

But, here in Brazil, to date no top athlete of the most popular sport on the planet has participated in the TV Globo program. Homegrown footballers mostly had mediocre careers.

However, the situation is quite different. Many countries have already restricted the players to the general public, with editions from here with the presence of celebrities.

“Blog du Rafael Rees” shows the bottom of five football athletes, who reached the height of their careers, playing in a World Cup, and who also competed in Big Brother. Won a single reality show.

54 years
Big Brother VIP 4 (2005)

In the 1990s, when there was a rivalry between Brazil and Mexico on the pitch, the long-haired striker was one of the main weapons of the Aztec team. Luis Hernández is still the fourth-highest scorer in his country’s history with 35 goals. Throughout his career, he defended important clubs on the continental scene such as Monterrey, Nexaca, America (MEX), Boca Juniors and the Los Angeles Galaxy. He was the top scorer for the Copa America in 1997 and was in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups. He entered the VIP version of Mexican Big Brother when he was 37 years old, after hanging up his shoes, and fought bravely for the award. In the course of 64 days, he was sent to the wall four times, but he survived them all. In the final, she was defeated by singer Sasha Sokol and finished second.

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37 years
Promi Big Brother 3 (2015)

Image: Reproduction

The midfielder, formed in the base categories of Borussia Dortmund, one of the first blacks to wear the main German national team shirt, was placed third in the 2006 World Cup and runner-up in Euro 2008. Then, he also moved the daughters to play in the Spanish Championship, but they went through a series of knee problems and were never the same again. In 2015, two years after hanging up his shoes, he accepted to participate in the third special edition for celebrities of the German Big Brother. And, unlike what happened in the tournaments played with the national team, he almost did not. The event lasting only two weeks made Odonkor the champion.

John barnes
The english
57 years old
Celebrity Big Brother 21 (2018)

John Barnes (Big Brother) - Breeding - Breeding
Image: Reproduction

The left-winger, a Liverpool idol in the 1980s and 1990s, was twice voted for the season’s best player in England (1987/1988 and 1989/1990) and the Reds were awarded two National Championship titles (two England Cups and one league In addition to) led cup). Despite being born in Jamaica, he chose to defend the English team and had two World Cups (1986 and 1990). After retiring, he played one of the leading voices in the fight against racism in football, and the role of Chancellor as a member of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth. Even with this entire course, he had no shame in entering Big Brother’s house in 2018. Barnes was limited to 20 days and finished fourth from reality celebrities in the 21st edition in the United Kingdom.

Mario Basler
52 years
Promi Big Brother 4 (2016)

Mario Bustler (Big Brother) - Breeding - Breeding
Image: Reproduction

Odonkor’s win in 2015 saw Promy Big Brother repeat the formula the following year and called on another former player from the German team to participate in the reality show. The one chosen was Mario Basler, a former attacking midfielder who specialized in set pieces (he scored several foul goals during his career and a few Olympians) who defended Vader Bremen, Bayern Munich and Kaiserslöstern, 1994 / Was Bundesliga’s top scorer in 1995. He was part of the German squad that participated in the 1994 World Cup. Like Odonkor, Basler also performed well in Big Brother. She made it to the finals, but lost to actor Ben Tewag and model Kathy Lugner. With this, it advanced the season to third place.

Leo Van Dar ELST
59 years
Big Brother VIP 1 (2001)

Van der Aalst (Big Brother) - Breeding - Breeding
Image: Reproduction

Twenty years ago, when the Big Brother format was still in its infancy in the world, Belgian television decided to make a special edition with the contestants, already known to the public. And among the 12 people called for this adventure was Leo van der Aalst, a midfielder who, along with his brother, was part of the squad of the Belgian team, which was placed fourth at the 1986 World Cup. Former player at the time, who worked. As a coach, there were expressive routes for the country’s three main teams: Royal Antwerp, Brugge and Genk. In the program, which lasted only 11 days, it remained till the end. Not only did he get on the podium as well: he was fourth.

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