Worlds to Artistic Swimming Athlete. I have been removed from the pool stretcher

Worlds to Artistic Swimming Athlete.  I have been removed from the pool stretcher

Anita Alvarez, an American prodigy in artistic swimming, had to be rescued so she wouldn’t drown. Photo: (Dean Mohtaropoulos/Getty Images)

A major scare struck Wednesday afternoon at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Artistic swimming athlete, American Anita Alvarez, at the end of her presentation in the free singles final, had a frame of exhaustion and had to be rescued by medical teams who were on standby.

The swimmer’s coach, Andrea Fuentes, also jumped into the competition pool to prevent Anita Alvarez from drowning. The 25-year-old athlete was lowered on a stretcher and given first aid by the pool. After her health stabilized, she was sent to the arena’s medical center, applauded by fans in the stands, and received other care.

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After finishing his presentation, the American judged his series and scored 87.6333 points, which allowed him to finish in seventh place in the controversial modus operandi. Japanese swimmer Yukiko Inui finished first with 95.3667 points and Ukrainian Marta Fiedina with 93.8000 points guaranteed the silver medal, the podium completed with Greek swimmer Evangelia Plataniotti, who had 91.7667 points.

The North American Athlete’s team insisted, after the awards ceremony of the artistic free singles event, to inform that Anita lvarez was doing well and to look after what was done after she was rescued. is not needed. Pool..

Brazil, who were away from a medal fight this Wednesday, made an unprecedented impression with Stephanie Balduccini finishing the 100m freestyle in 10th place, the best in Brazilian history at the world.

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