World’s Top 15 confirm Beach Tennis’s Belo Horizonte (MG) presence in ITF

World's Top 15 confirm Beach Tennis's Belo Horizonte (MG) presence in ITF

Daniel Schmidt of Santa Catarina, 15th in the International Tennis Federation’s world ranking, confirmed his presence in the controversy surrounding the world circuit tournament, which will be held at the first ITF, Belo Horizonte (MG), starting this Thursday (24). And which will run till Sunday 27th.

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The competition will be held in a tournament at the Casa Diprae + Calçadao Arena, with a total prize money of US$4,000 (R$ 22,000).

Schmidt is packed with two titles at the start of the year in Campinas (SP) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR) with his So Paulo teammate Joao Wiesinger. The capital of Minas Gerais will have fellow countryman Thiago Prim.

“I’m going to win, playing with my partner from Blumenau from our region, a very friendly, hardworking guy, he’s always helping, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to keep up the business Would have. It would be a pleasure to play with her. We hope to come up with a good result”, said Schmidt, who will be the special company of his girlfriend at the tournament, Brenda Brissack: “Whatever tournament I play with my girlfriend Brenda, So it’s going to be special, I’m feeling at home, okay? Playing with my partner, my girlfriend, suddenly we play mixed doubles together. I have great hopes”, said the player who has played international games. Highlighting the development of the game to come with. Events in places without a beach: “Beach tennis is definitely growing in states and cities that haven’t before. Brackets, with merit, more and more disputed. To go away you have to play well, stay strong”.

In total, there will be 522 athletes from five countries (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, the United States and Portugal), divided between professional men’s and women’s ITF, Amateur A, B, C (CBT G2) and D (BTW Tour) categories. male couple. , Women’s and Mixed Doubles, and Veterans. There will be two professional events, the first starting on Thursday, the 24th, a BT10 without prizes and ten ranking points and the second starting Friday, the 25th, with 50 points in a BT50 world ranking.

Big names from the country will compete in the event, such as former top 10 and world vice-champion, Diogo Carneiro, and his brother Joao Lauro, youth world vice-champion, Pedro Consiglio, from Alagoas, and Rafael Agulha, among 100. The best in the world like Miguel Perez, Daniel Canelas, Luiz Gimpel, Augusto Russo and Lucas Lima.

The competition will be held at Casa Dipraia + Calcado in Belvedere, which opened in the second half of last year. There are nine sand courts, four of which are covered, not only for beach tennis but also for other beach sports such as football and beach volleyball, as well as a functional bike lane, and space for gastronomy, children’s areas and parking. .

“We are very pleased and inspired to host a competition of this size at our venue with over 500 athletes and many world-renowned people”, said Leonardo Carmo, partner at Casa Dipria + Calcadao: “Our environment is plural and inclusive. which has our lifestyle as the essence, union and friendship as the pillars. It is an environment that promotes good times with culture and music. And beach tennis is what characterizes it all. Will definitely make a great event with lots of controversy and brotherhood”, he added.

The official Instagram is @btworldtour_bh.

Pre programming:

Thursday – 03/24

BT 10 tournament from 8 am

Friday – 03/25

BT50 Tournament – Qualifying from 8am. Key key from 10 am

Saturday – 03/26

BT50 Tournament – Main Draw from 9 AM onwards

Sunday – 03/27

BT50 Tournament – Semi-Finals & Finals from 9 AM onwards

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