WRA helps bring Brazilian brands to the US and North American companies to Brazil

WRA helps bring Brazilian brands to the US and North American companies to Brazil

WRA Business and Real Estate is one of the largest real estate boutiques in Brazil in the United States

Many people wonder what is so special about WRA Business and Real Estate that it attracts so much attention from Brazilians abroad, especially in Florida. The company was established in 2013 as a real estate boutique and since then it has grown a lot, offering various solutions for entrepreneurs and investors.

WRA Business & Real Estate helps in various business segments. As well as the real estate part, there’s also the “business department” that has caught the attention of the smartest entrepreneurs who want to take over high quality companies in the right places! This portfolio has three types of objectives, for investors in the United States and also for those living in Brazil.

The first advisory option of WRA is for those who have moved to the US and are looking for a profitable business to invest in the country.

“If you are looking to invest in a business for the purpose of income or visa verification, you need to investigate options with our business brokers. We are part of BBF Business Brokers of Florida, a company for sale in Florida. guarantees access to businesses, such as restaurants, bars, shops, etc. We are also affiliated with IFPG (International Franchise Professionals Group) where we have access to franchises across the US region”, explains partner Elio Serpa.

The other two options are for successful franchisees. Entrepreneurs who want to raise the level of brand they have can count on WRA to open a branch of the company in the United States. Investors also have the option of looking for a larger US franchise to move to Brazil. The process of both is complicated and bureaucratic, but with WRA Business & Real Estate everything is simple and easy.

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want to know more? contact by email [email protected] or by calling 1(407)558-8640/1(407)512-1008.

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