Wrestling makes Brazilians more likely to pursue a career in the United States TV news

Wrestling makes Brazilians more likely to pursue a career in the United States TV news

In the world of wrestling these days, the main Brazilian player Tai Conti of Rio de Janeiro will give the biggest chance of his life on this Saturday (13th). The star of AEW, one of the world’s biggest wrestling leagues, she will compete for the company’s women’s title for the second time in a clash with champion Britt Baker.

The opportunity came because of her good performance at the company – she has 30 wins this year, taking her to number one in the AEW Women’s Rankings. It’s quite a turnaround for the judoka, who was fired last year by the giant WWE in cuts due to the pandemic.

But Carioca was unemployed for a short time. A few weeks after being out of the ring, Tai received an invitation to AEW and Shocked company employees With his athletic and technical struggles.

in an exclusive interview with TV news, the judoka explains that there is no such thing as a “special” fight. Brazilians like to work consistently at their level of intensity because, according to him, the opportunity can come at any time: “I usually say that we always need to be ready. I am always ready, always training for the best fight of my life.

Despite concerns about tonight’s confrontation, the fighter is keeping his feet on the ground. In Tai’s opinion, the current AEW Champion does an impeccable job both on the mic and in the ring. With the crowd on her side, she anticipates how the stadium will react in her confrontation: “It will be well divided.” This is something new, different for me.

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Despite the public divided, judoka knows the importance of Brazilian fans. In honor of his fans in the country, Tai says that he is fighting for all Brazilians abroad.

The small number of wrestling fans here is not matched by the noise made by this crowd. With the growth of Brazilian fighters in AEW, national public interest also grew. As a result, Space Channel signed a contract with the company to broadcast weekly programs live.

With the exhibition held last Wednesday (10), the Brazilian public was able to watch the fights of Tai Conti, Cesar Bononi, Adrian Joude and Junior dos Santos, known as Signo, live. Thrilled with the news, Carioca is thrilled with the real-time broadcast: “It’s a very exciting thing”.

Every Wednesday, at 10 p.m. (GMT), Space airs AEW Dynamite. And on Friday midnight the Rampage program is shown on the same channel.

future plans

Before competing for the AEW women’s belt, Rio’s judoka already has plans for the future. While the company doesn’t announce the creation of titles for women’s doubles—as it already does with men—, Tai is looking to take the initiative himself:

i always talk to anna jay [parceira de duplas], and we’ve made it our goal to create a women’s tag division in AEW. and we will. we had the iconics example [atualmente conhecidas como The Iinspiration] in WWE. They were the pioneers, they began to build there. We have this as an example. We are on the right track, we are doing our best and showcasing our work. But now being patient.

In addition to this plan, the judoka also thinks about other possibilities at the wrestling company. When asked which fighter she would like to team up with, Carioca hesitates a bit, but ends up saying: “I think with Adrian [Jaoude], they haven’t hired yet, but that would be my first choice.

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In preparation for the title shot, watch Tai’s latest fight on AEW:

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