Xbox Bass hints at major changes to the Xbox game pass

Xbox Bass hints at major changes to the Xbox game pass

It looks like some big changes – or more specifically, some big additions to the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The signal for change comes from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and a big supporter of Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, which Spencer emphasizes is a big part of Xbox’s future. While the service got off to a slow start, it is rapidly gaining ground due to its excellent value and its overwhelming support from Microsoft. However, to get the service where Spencer and the company want, it needs to be expanded.

During a recent interview, Spencer pointed to the “Platinum” version of the subscription service, and how it would match the X-Cloud. Speaking later, Spencer also suggested that a TV streaming stick could come soon.

“I think you’re going to look at low-cost hardware as part of our ecosystem when you think of streaming sticks and other things that someone might want to plug into their TV and play through the X-Cloud,” Spencer said. Said while speaking. Strategy. “You can imagine what we’ve just added to the game pass subscription that gives you the ability to broadcast X-Cloud games on your television and buy controllers.”

At the moment, it’s hard to determine what is coming here and what Spencer is saying without the right narrative, however, we know that streaming is a place where Microsoft is very interested. In addition, it is very interested in overcoming price constraints. Gaming that can be achieved with a streaming stick and game pass subscription.

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He said, for now, guess all this with a grain of salt. While it’s safe to say that Spencer is doing something here, it remains to be seen how it will perform and replace the Xbox game pass as a service. What should be noted though is that often when the service expands, the price increase is not far behind.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are both available on Xbox One, PC and Android devices, and will soon be available via both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, in the latest and most relevant news, this week the service Added one of the most popular games from

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