Xbox Series X | S, FPS Boost does not require additional work from developers –

Xbox Series X |  S, FPS Boost does not require additional work from developers -

Technology Fps boost Of Xbox Series X | S, Which allows an increase in frame rate in backward compatible games, Additional work is not required From The developersAccording to Jason Ronald.

In the same interview in which he stated that the FPS boost could be limited by some developers to artistic needs, the director of program management Xbox Confirmed that activation of this facility is not an additional commitment.

“We’re dedicating ourselves to this feature without having to do additional work to developers, so in some cases they have more flexibility and control over where they want to go back into the game and update it or if they have a franchise There is a separate plan for. help Between us and the publisher, ”said Ronald.

“We listen to the community, we know their passion and sport That they would like to see “, he continued.” There are circumstances in which we cannot activate the FPS boost due to the techniques used to develop a certain title, while in other cases, as noted, perhaps the author would like to think. about them.Upgrade

In short, FPS Boost stands as a useful resource for anyone who wants to take advantage of it, growing significantly frame rate Their games without effort, but using it is not mandatory: every studio can move forward.

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