Xiaomi has launched MIUI 12.5. Tested Battery Health Indicator on Mobile Phones with

Xiaomi has launched MIUI 12.5.  Tested Battery Health Indicator on Mobile Phones with

Although MIUI 13. thing is already, a Xiaomi continua Version 12.5. working to deliver For different smartphones. In addition, oddly enough, the brand is also testing new features in the current build of the interface.

An example of this came to light this week. According to Chinese users, Xiaomi is testing MIUI 12.5 . new battery health indicator on. This feature was rolled out on Redmi Note 10 and may soon come to many models.

The battery health indicator should act as a warning signal for component health. The idea is for MIUI to analyze multiple factors – temperature, cycles of usage, storage capacity and more – to determine when the user needs to replace the battery.

The new functionality should be available within the Power Configuration menu.

When the battery runs out or is close to reaching the maximum cycle level, Xiaomi has to give the user a . should indicate for Close technical support to replace component. As of now, the company is testing the feature on the following smartphones:

Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite, Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10, Redmi K40 Pro Plus, Redmi K40 Pro, Redmi K40 e Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition.

For now, Xiaomi has not yet commented on the release of the novelty. Furthermore, all the testing is taking place on the Chinese version of MIUI, which also indicates that the feature may take longer to reach the global ROM model.

What did you think about the feature? Should this become a standard on Android? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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