Xiaomi Surprise: Mi MIX a photocamera avr with a liquid lens

Xiaomi Surprise: Mi MIX a photocamera avr with a liquid lens

Xiaomi preparations in progressThe next March 29 event in which the next Mi MIX between the protagonists will take place. It is not yet known if this will actually happen First sheet from Chinese manufacturer, But there is already a certainty: the smartphone will be equipped with a ‘Innovative camera Characterized by a Lens based on a liquid lens.

A lens like this can do Focal length varies, So this gives you, for example, aMacro lens and a telephoto in a single optical group combined with the same sensor – With negligible benefit of not forcing the camera module to multiply. The idea behind the solution is to be able to replicate the functioning of the human eye by being able to quickly focus on objects located at different distances.

How does this work

The solution is contained in the liquid lens, it is a The transparent liquid is enclosed in an ultra-thin film That, Controlled by a Special electronic system, Can change the curvature allowing you to perform operations faster with accuracy and speed, and with faster and better deformation. Xiaomi also states that the lens has a high light transmission index, very low dispersion and high resistance to environmental factors – hence, it keeps its operating capabilities unchanged even in the presence of very low or very high temperatures.

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An alternative to changeable optics

It should be said that Xiaomi has been trying to rationalize the camera module of smartphones for a long time, which reduces the number of lenses: In November last year, it presented a solution based on retractable lenses, Is also capable of handling various focal lengths. The advantage of fluid lenses is that the focal length variation does not include lenses emanating from the smartphone’s body (as is also the case in compact cameras), with the lens’ more or less marked curvature sufficient.

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