Yamaha wants to improve the bike to strengthen and balance the relationship with the Quartaro

Yamaha wants to improve the bike to strengthen and balance the relationship with the Quartaro

Honda needs to work to strengthen ties with Frenchman

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Fabio Quartaro was known for swinging a lot before the 2021 MotoGP season. But of last year’s first four races, the nice driver won two. And from that great moment he would win three more, score in all races, keep the pressure of Francesco Bagnia’s Ducati and win his first title in the premier class.

No wonder Yamaha, who came out of a six-year fast, fell in love with the perfect fit between the Quartaro and the YZR-M1 last year. But it needs to be clarified that, for a relationship to work and be lasting, it is essential that both parties are aligned – something that hasn’t happened yet in 2022, and the 22-year-old pilot has already done it. It is clear that this motorcycle could be decisive for the future in the World Cup.


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The Japanese brand had already indicated that it would have problems before the first leg of the championship, something common in recent years. The problem is not with Fabio, but with the bike. Already in 2021 the Frenchman showed concern about Ducati’s strength and warned of a greater presence of desmosedici on the 2022 grid – with eight bikes instead of six. Therefore, Yamaha needed to address the M1’s lack of speed. However, he found no inspiration in the mass trials of Jerez de la Frontera.

“We tested a bike similar to the Misano… well, to be honest, it was Misano’s bike. So we tested that, a new swingarm, something electronic, anti-wheelie. To be honest, it It was similar to Misano,” Quartaro said. “You have to work hard to see the improvement. Still, it was something, as you can imagine. The bike is a first step,” he said.

What was shown in Malaysia was confirmed in the following test, the first stage of the Qatar GP, 2022: a lack of speed. Quartaro was only ninth. It’s important to remember that the YZR-M1 uses an in-line four-cylinder engine, which favors efficiency in corners but takes it off the straights, where other bikes have an advantage.

“Well, the real Yamaha is the one you saw in Qatar. I mean, I don’t think or hear anything new, so it’s a real Yamaha,” he said after the Lusail race.

In Indonesia, he finished second and reached the first podium of the season. But it returned to the top-10 edge in Argentina and the United States, ranking eighth and seventh respectively. And while Iwata’s team tries to find a better way, the pressure is even greater for other builders to develop – that’s because there have been four wins by European factories so far, which haven’t happened in 50 years.

It is clear that the Japanese team has a lot to analyze and develop in the M1. Factory team boss Massimo Meregalli also admitted some disappointment with the engine developed for this year’s championship. And with the engine stalled, there is nothing else to do.

It is only through hard work that the team of all three Tuning Forks can strengthen their relationship with Fabio. Perhaps, lightening the weight a bit on the Frenchman’s back will make him feel better for trying to get a way better result. But it cannot be ruled out that he needs a stable M1. This is the only way to reduce the ‘fourth addiction’ and balance the two sides.

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