Yesterday, today, always huge. Centenary Cruise – 02/01/2021

Yesterday, today, always huge.  Centenary Cruise - 02/01/2021

Today is more than a special date; An institution that affects the lives of about ten million people who, amid smiles and cries, admire the five stars in sky blue shirts. Founded by Italian immigrant workers in 1921, today the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube becomes 100.

In this trajectory, the team shocked the world by defeating Santos de Pele and Company in 1966 – with a threshing right – and winning the South American continent in 1976, being responsible, therefore, to Minas Gerais for national and world sports. To move across the landscape. , Where even today he gets immense respect for clubs and players.

If I were to talk about other achievements and statues, I would need a lot more than words. To count just the fourteen greatest titles, I created a book containing more than 150 pages, called “Our Trophy Room”. I would not dare to mention the great players and their stories either, as they too would require a lot of space.

Our winning story speaks for itself. Officially recognized as the best Brazilian club of the 20th century and there are already enough titles to run for this recognition in the 21st century. Therefore, as there is no argument against the facts, it is unnecessary to argue further unquestioningly.

Aside from the special date, what prompted me to write these words was confirmed above: Even in spite of all this, the emphasis is on destroying the annals of history for bad moments, With whom we cannot agree. Particularly because I have always advocated this thesis that great people and institutions should be measured not by their failures but by their victories and achievements.

If you ask a common citizen who Abraham Lincoln was, I believe that 99.9% of the people would answer that he is a great former President of the United States, acclaimed around the world; Some would say that he is a politician who has lost more than he has won elections, who has lost many times in his life.

In fact, the numbers reflect this: As Brazilian teams dispute an average of three to four titles per year, it is certain that all clubs lose the most they win, which is why, our metric will always win and Not failure.

Therefore, in this moment of the creation of a new paradigm of football in Brazil and the world, we certainly give to the country of boundless sky blue that a concerted work is being done to implement a new management culture, certainly , Will lead the way to victory, but this time, with stability and stability.

Without spending; Purchase without electricity; Not to Promise and Deliver: This is all brought to us here and not only needed, but it is being changed. However, as with almost everything in life, nothing will happen overnight. There is no magic formula; No company or institution succeeds in 5 months, in all areas. That is why word construction is very suitable for us: we need to do a new work and every work starts from foundation, floor, base and not roof or roof. And it requires time, calm, planning and dedication. This will not be lacking.

We are working to strengthen the organization and not just the team; We need to win and stabilize outside the four lines so that the win within them is the result of a solid and stable foundation structure, which will not be affected by game defeat, certainly, as noted above, (many times) Yet) will be.

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Therefore, the message we want to leave is one of hope. If we reach the age of 100 with so much pride, then in 200 we will have many more. We thank all those who were part of this beautiful story and we invite the sentimental to celebrate this important date, and even more, to be laboring in building the next steps. Cruzeiro is huge. Yesterday, today, always.

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