You: The “You” actor is mistaken for The Boys star; Are Scott Speedman and Antony Starr Related? Eye!

You: The "You" actor is mistaken for The Boys star;  Are Scott Speedman and Antony Starr Related?  Eye!

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After Participating in Season 3 of You, Scott Speedman Was Mistaken for Antony Starr on the Web

Scott Speedman (sq.) and Antony Starr (dir.)


© Getty Images / Bolvip Brasil MontageScott Speedman (sq.) and Antony Starr (dir.)

third season of You (You, in the original title) debuted on Netflix this Friday (15) with new characters. actor Scott Speedman, from Animal Kingdom, joined the story as Natalie’s (Michael McManus) husband, but many netizens confused the cast. Antony StarrMILF of star boys.

The similarity is such that Twitter users began to question whether Antony Starr and Scott Speedman have twin brothers. “There’s no point in Matthew Engler not having Antony Starr in the U.S. They’re the same,” wrote one fan.

pair not related – Captain Patria’s interpreter in The Boys is a New Zealander, while the Animal Kingdom’s perpetual eagle is British.

Antony was born on October 25, 1975 in Auckland, New Zealand, but became famous only with the release of the Amazon Prime Video series in 2019.

Scott came into the world on September 1, 1975 in London, UK. He gained notoriety by starring in the film Angels of the Night – Underworld (2003).

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