YouTube removes ‘Johnny Down’ button on platform videos – Link

YouTube removes ‘Johnny Down’ button on platform videos – Link

YouTube will hide platform “dislikes”

hey youtube On Wednesday, 10, a video published on the platform announced the decision to make the “not liked” count private. The company believes the change will protect producers from harassment and prevent so-called “dislike” attacks, which occur when a group comes together to increase the amount of thumbs up on certain content.

However, the button will not be removed from the site, allowing users to still rate the video. Content creators will be able to track rejections through YouTube Studio, a private platform that displays data and statistics only for the channel owner.

The change, which is already being implemented across apps and the web, is the result of a test conducted by YouTube earlier in the year to reduce harassment against creators. In addition, the company heard from smaller content producers who claimed they were being targeted by “I don’t like” attacks, falsely.

This is not the first time companies have taken such action. In 2019, Instagram decided hide number of likes It aims to improve the mental health of its users. The measurement done on an experimental basis was Canceled in May this year,

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