YouTube Shorts, TikTok Competitor, Released Today in Brazil

YouTube Shorts, TikTok Competitor, Released Today in Brazil

YouTube Shorts, TikTok Competitor, Released Today in Brazil
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hey youtube Launched its short video tool in Brazil this Monday (7), the offer is similar to TikTok and Reels on Instagram. Youtube Shorts allows viewing of content between 15 and 60 seconds, which is edited vertically on the platform itself.

This feature was originally released on India There will be access to the platform in September 2020 and gradually in other regions. hey youtube shorts Will be available to about 25% of users in the first few days. It should be released to everyone in the coming weeks.

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“YouTube Shorts is a resource for creators, who can connect with new audiences using just a smart Fone And the camera of shorts on the YouTube app. This content creation tool allows you to easily record up to 60 seconds of video with the option to capture multiple clips,” the platform said.

Brazil is the first country in Latin America to receive YouTube shorts

Tool is available here India I State United And now comes to Latin America, Brazil being the first to debut the platform.

This division works with videos recorded vertically, showing the title and number of views. Users can interact by liking or clicking “I don’t like it”, commenting and sharing. The channel name appears at the bottom, next to the subscribe button, along with information about the song being played.

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Check out the 5 YouTubers who made the most during the pandemic

In times of coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), home office and home confinement, many people have started considering youtube as the main source of entertainment.

The pandemic didn’t guarantee massive billing just for streaming giants like Vo Netflix (NFLX34) or Amazon (AMZO34). But it allowed Generation Z to generate strong earnings for YouTube as well.

See who are the top five YouTubers in 2020, based on Forbes magazine:

  1. Ryan Kazi: $29.5 million
  2. Mr. Beats: $24 million
  3. Dude Perfect: $23 million
  4. Rate and links: $20 million
  5. Markipillier: $19.5 million

It is not yet possible to monetize content published in youtube Shorts, but the platform plans to release this feature at some point.

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