Zac Efron struggling with housing in Australia; Look

Zac Efron struggling with housing in Australia;  Look

Zac Efron left Hollywood for Australia and while he is busy filming for the new Gold film in the country, he found an incredible home on wheels.

The 33-year-old actor, known for starring in high school musical and The King of the Show, is filming a survival thriller in the countryside of South Australia and equips him with an impressive caravan to house on set.

On Instagram, Zac – which launched Netflix’s Curta Essa Series with Zac Efron in 2020 – showcased its new home, with the Lotus Caravan reportedly priced at $ 140,000 (over $ 752,000).

He was seen wearing a green hat and an Akubra sweatshirt as he was proudly equipped with a canopy roof and camping chairs next to his new mobile stand.

Inside, it is a very pleasant living space and comes with a stylish leather chair, fully equipped kitchen, a spacious double bed and a 50-inch flat screen TV.

With stylish furnishings, the Zac has plenty of space to rest between outlets, with living area housing with luxurious seating cabins, practical secret storage and panoramic windows that would enjoy beautiful views of Australia’s countryside Huh.

The bathroom includes a shower and toilet, and the room includes a large bed and lots of pillows – perfect for relaxing.

Zac Efron seemed very happy with his new home, as he shared on Instagram: “Lars Lars Lars. Thank you, Kamal. “

Filming of his new film, which follows two strangers who are confronted with the largest nuggets found in the desert.

He plans to dig up the dugout, but when one friend sets out to obtain the necessary equipment, the other is left to entrust himself against the offensive elements that the desert brings with him.

Zac left the man behind, who slowly began to suspect that he was left alone in the desert to die.

He starred alongside Australian actor Anthony Hayes, who will also serve as the film’s director and producer.

It is revealed that Zac Efron left Los Angeles for Australia in 2020, after the film star reportedly hoped to move there permanently after feeling “exhausted” in Hollywood.

Speaking on his Netflix series, Zac tells his friend Darin Olen that a wellness guru, who joins his journey, wants to make changes in his life.

He explained: “I am definitely looking at my life in a whole new way. I need to leave Hollywood, ready. It is not a place that will lead a long, happy and mentally healthy life. “

Metro UK sources revealed in August 2020 that Zac wanted to “list his Los Angeles homes” for sale, so he could be free forever.

When he is not in South Australia for filming, Zac Efron usually lives in Byron Bay, where he met his girlfriend Vanessa Valleras.

The city of quiet surfers is known for attracting celebrity customers, with Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon among the stars who call it home.

Gold still has no release date with Zac Efron.

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