Zac Efron’s ‘Gold’ production shock as Adelaide went into lockdown on COVID-19


The former ‘High School Musical’ has arrived in South Australia for filming days before strict restrictions were imposed after the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

Aceshobiz – Survival thriller “Gold“Coronavirus has fallen victim to the epidemic. Production is scheduled to stop in November. Jack EfronAfter the launch of Kovid-19 in South Australia, the starring film was forced to suspend its plans, which Adelaide declared a hotspot for the deadly virus.

The plane itself flew from South Wales to South Australia two weeks ago. The publication noted that his original film, Stan, was being shot several hours from Adelaide. The Daily Mail reported that “BewatchThe actor has since been fired, and was even seen with a film crew on Tuesday, November 17.

Starting at midnight on Wednesday, schools, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and universities across the state were closed when the lockdown took effect. Strict restrictions include a ban on exercising outside. People have to wear face masks even when they are out in public. Measures taken to stop the spread of the virus forced Jack and the film crew to shut down for six days.

Many of Jack’s fans are happy that the former “High school music“The star was also shut down in the state.” The first day of #AdelaideLocada. Not ideal, but on the contrary we have @ZacEfron off with us, so it’s not all bad. We’ve got this Adelaide !! One person tweeted, “Kocods #LakdaSnS. Another warned,” We may all be a little scared at the moment in SA but I’m pretty sure Jack Efron is off with us here so it’s good. Is. ”

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Fans rejoice at learning about Zac Efron COVID-19 was also shut down in South Australia.

“Gold” teamed up with director Anthony Hayes, who will also star in the thriller. It revolves around two strangers who cross a vast treasure trove of gold while traveling through a desert. The couple then plans to abandon their plan to find supplies and stay behind.

Hayes said of the film, “It’s an interesting, compelling and timely story about greed, humanity, who we are, what we’ve done to the world and where we’re going if we’re not careful.” “It’s a great gift to have Jack Efron as my main man in this movie and to see what he’s already making is not something we’ve seen before. I can’t wait to see this bold, visual and cinematic film. “Audiences around the world.”

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