Zeenat announces vaccination of fans visiting the stadium

Zeenat announces vaccination of fans visiting the stadium

The increase in the number of Kovid-19 cases will paralyze the Paulista and Serens Championship. The epidemic has also postponed a round of the recently started season. And it is very likely that the ball will stop moving to other corners of Brazil during the next few weeks in an attempt to stop the virus.

Meanwhile, Russia has allowed fans to visit stadiums more than 11,000 kilometers from here. And, later this week, some of them will be vaccinated if they decide to follow the matches on the spot.

The action is sponsored by Zenit St. Petersburg, which leads the Russian Premier League. In today’s match (13), against Akhamat, and all matches at the club as principal until the end of the season, Sputnik V supplements will be offered to attendees at the Gazprom Arena.

Vaccination will be special for people over 18 years of age. Fans who wish to get vaccinated must report to a mobile station inside the stadium with a passport and vaccination card.

They will undergo a medical examination to find out if they are in a position to receive the vaccine. If approved, they will do the vaccination sting before going to the stand to join the team.

Unlike most countries in Europe and also in Brazil, Russia did not adopt the model of football without fans, which included the spread of Kovid.

When the championship was reintroduced in the country, in June last year, Sports Arena has already been released to achieve 10% of their capacity. This percentage has increased over time.

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In Janet’s last home game against Rostov late last month, more than 24,000 people were present in the stands, equivalent to 35% of potential spectators when there are no restriction policies in place.

According to Oxford University data, Russia has already recorded more than 90 thousand deaths due to fewer epidemics than just the United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Currently, the country has recorded around 400 new deaths per day, which is significantly lower than the level of more than 2 thousand deaths reached by Brazil this week.

Just over 5 million Russians (3% of the country’s population) have already received at least one dose of vaccine against Kovid. Here, the rate of at least partially immunized people is about 4.5%.

Zenit, which includes Brazilian Douglas Santos, Wendell and Malcom, is the main Russian club today and has won the final two editions of the national championship. This season, he opened the weekend with double digits from deputy leader CSKA Moscow (42–40).

Despite local success, the team performed poorly in the Champions League. With just one point from the six matches he played, he was last placed in a group that included Borussia Dortmund, Lazio and Brugge. Thus, they also had no place for the Europa League and retired the continental season before the end of the year.

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