Zoom to pay $85 million for privacy breach

Zoom to pay $85 million for privacy breach

First entry: Monday, 2 August 2021, 16:57

Zoom to pay $85 million for privacy breach

Zoom agreed to pay $85 million after being sued for misappropriation of user data through third-party software.

According to the company, Zoom misled users about its encryption capabilities, shared user data on digital platforms without consent, and had insufficient security and privacy controls, leading to so-called Zoombombing. Zoombombing is the “intrusion” of foreign participants into a Zoom video call, which they normally should not have access to.

The $85 million will be used to compensate certain users of the software, particularly those who paid for some of its subscription services.

Also, Zoom intends to implement various changes that focus on improving security, enhancing privacy and protecting consumer data.

During each video call, the App will provide notifications to make it easier for users to understand who can view, store and share their information and content when a meeting host or other participant is using a third-party app. Have you been

Finally, Zoom will ask Facebook to delete any user data it downloaded from the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK).

Last Updated: Monday, 2 August 2021, 17:01

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