[शिक्षण]MHR Switch Multiplayer Dragon Sledding Dragon Discorded Application Killing Detailed Learning

[शिक्षण]MHR Switch Multiplayer Dragon Sledding Dragon Discorded Application Killing Detailed Learning

Many enthusiasts surf the Internet and play games with their friends. They use voice chat when discussing war situation or when discussing strategy. To be unsatisfactory. After all, it is impossible to send message communication with two hands! In fact, there are many voice chat tools on the Internet. For example, I will introduce a fully functional disk this time. Playing on the phone is very convenient. You can open an app on your mobile phone or computer. A voice conference with your friend. Cooperative hunting efficiency is very good!

With Drag Discord, you can happily kill dragons with friends without wearing a Bluetooth headsetआप You can play strategy with your friends without holding your phone while playing the machine

Discord is a voice communication app that is loved by netizens and even offered by large companies. The biggest feature is not only clear voice and low latency, which is suitable for gaming purposes, but it can maintain a certain voice clarity when many people are talking at the same time. And by the time you log in, you know how many friends are online, which makes it easier to make appointments. In addition to voice, text messages can also be sent so that friends from another team or group can see it when they are not in a hurry.

Create abandonment group

step 1

First of all, you and your friends should install Discord on your mobile / computer and create a Discord account. Group owners can “add a server” on the left side of the menu to add other friends.

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Rebates for iOS URLs:https://apps.apple.com/app/id985746746

Discard for Android URL:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord

Discard website for Windows / macOS:https://discord.com

Phase 2

When creating a server, you can choose the “game” option;

step 3

You can choose the size of the server, whether you want to include netizens on the Internet (choose “Club or Community”), or a small group of people (“Choose me and my friends”);

step 4

Then set the server name, you can also add an avatar for easy identification.

Step 5

After the server is created, the program will give you a URL. As long as other Discord players have this URL, they can immediately connect to your Discord server.

Step 6

Under the server, you will be able to create a “text channel” or “voice channel”. Open the voice channel, create a sub-chat channel, set the channel name, and also add a password lock (just set it to “Private Channel”). In this way, even though it is a large group of dozens of people, many of those members can open a room to kill the dragon.

Invite friends to join

After that, everyone can chat together with friends, be it a mobile phone or a computer app, via the Discord.gg URL issued by the server’s creator, after entering the server, enter the call channel .

The most special thing about Discord is that it will receive the voice formally before it can understand the user’s speech. Therefore, when everyone is playing the machine quietly, there will be no noise. When one or more users are speaking, the icons in the user list are marked with a green circle, so that other users can easily distinguish who is speaking.

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In addition to opening groups with friends, there are monster hunter player groups on the Internet that open Discord to open recruiting members. You can enter “Monster Hunter Discord Hong Kong” as a keyword on Google, Facebook or MeWe. S group.

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