10 indispensable apps for those who have just bought a cell phone

10 indispensable apps for those who have just bought a cell phone

changed cell phone? After knowing the main functions and features of the new device, it is time to install your favorite apps. With so many options available, it’s hard to remember which programs were installed on your old device, but some tools are very important for everyday use.

The natively installed app packages on Android and iOS already bring many useful solutions like browser, GPS, translator, cloud management app and calendar. Before you head to the App Store or Google Play Store for more downloads, check out the list of important apps for those who just got a new phone!

New Mobile Apps: File Transfer

1. Migrate to iOS

  • Compatibility: Android
  • cost: free

If you still have the old phone, there is a possibility to transfer files backup, Contacts saved in the phonebook and even installed apps. Each interface or operating system uses its own app, and if you’ve made the transition from Android to iPhone, you can make the process easier by migrating to iOS.

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Use the app to transfer data to your iPhone (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

Transfer can retrieve a lot of important information stored on your old device. The tool allows you to migrate data such as calendars, photos, videos, information from Google Chrome, email logs and applications from the Google Play Store and App Store. Simply select the data you want and wait for it to be sent.

However, this entire process can only be done during the initial setup of your new iPhone. If you have already completed this part, you cannot use Migrate to iOS to transfer your data. Therefore, it remains to manually download other applications.

2. Samsung Smart Switch

  • Compatibility: Android
  • cost: free

Smart Switch is an application used to migrate files to Galaxy smartphones. The device can be used for wired or wireless transfers and receives information from Android, iOS or Windows Phone Mobile.

The application is used to migrate from the Galaxy line to your cell phone (Image: André Magalhees / Screencapture)

Transferable data includes applications, settings, media files, home screen, calendar and text message history. If you want to transfer your iPhone data to Galaxy Line phone, the app allows you to migrate by cable OTG Or by importing from your Apple ID to iCloud.

However, the app can only be used to receive data on Galaxy Line devices. Transitioning between two Samsung phones is possible, but there is no possibility to transfer your data to another brand of phone via Smart Switch.

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3. My move

  • Compatibility: Android
  • cost: free

Mi Mover is the official alternative for those who have bought a Xiaomi cell phone and need to transfer their files. The migration is done wirelessly and, as is the case with Smart Switch, the application cannot be used to send data to cell phones of other brands.

Use the app with a Xiaomi phone (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

The list of files that can be transferred includes third-party apps Photos, Videos, Audios, Apps, Calendar, Message history, and even Alarms. On your old device, you need to activate a comprehensive whitelist in order to process.

File migration with Mi Mover is done wirelessly. On the home screen, you need to configure whether the device is the recipient or the sender, and then create a hotspot. With the connection made between the two devices, choose only the categories of files that will be transferred.

New Mobile Apps: Accessories

1. OneNote

Note apps are very useful tools for various everyday situations. Whether you want to create a shopping list, take important notes or create drafts, this category of apps brings a lot of versatility to text creation. Among the available options, OneNote is the highlight.

Save important notes in OneNote (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

The app organizes all your notes between folders or bookmarks, with the option to create sticky notes for quick topics. In the creation window, you can add photos, videos, and create freehand drawings. For text, the app also provides formatting tools.

OneNote can be synced to your Microsoft account and can be synced to other company applications such as Microsoft Office (Android | iOS) and Microsoft Launcher (AndroidThis way, you can quickly access your notes on other platforms.

2. LastPass

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: Free installation with paid option (R$134.90 per year)

Password managers are essential tools for your digital security. In the case of LastPass, a paid subscription to the service allows you to synchronize the passwords saved on your old phone and transfer them to the new model.

Protect your password (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

These applications create virtual vaults that store passwords, documents, cards and any other sensitive information the user wishes to keep secure. For your login, you can generate strong password and use LastPass to activate the credentials on each login. The only password you need to remember is the master password, which gives you access to the application.

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LastPass is one of the options available among password managers for Android and iOS, with plans for R$134.90 per year for unlimited registration and synchronization with other devices. Other options include 1Password (Android | iOS) EO Bitwarden (Android | iOS)

3. Adobe Lightroom

  • compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: Free installation with paid option (BRL 7.99 per month or BRL 109.99 per year)

When switching devices, the camera is one of the most important factors to consider. To make your photos unique, Adobe Lightroom is an image editor that combines high-quality camera lenses with filters and other presets.

Edit your photos via Lightroom (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshots)

The mobile version of Lightroom provides various functions for making adjustments to your photo, including brightness, contrast, color balance, and additional filters. If you have a favorite effect, you can save a preset and apply it to photos saved by the app’s library.

In addition to editing tools, Lightroom also has its own camera. This feature allows you to make manual adjustments to exposure, ISO, and white balance. Each capture is transferred directly to your editing library.

New Mobile Apps: Streaming Services

1. Spotify

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: Free installation with paid subscription (BRL 19.90 per month)

You’ve already set up your cell phone and now it’s time to move on to the entertainment options. In this case, streaming audio and video services provide functional applications for accessing the catalog via a smartphone, and Spotify is one of the main options for listening to your music.

Listen to music and podcasts via Spotify (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

The Spotify app offers an extensive list of songs and podcasts. You can create your own favorite playlists or get personalized suggestions according to your favorite artists and genres, with lists updated weekly to show potential searches and releases.

The free version of Spotify on mobile has ads and doesn’t allow for playback controls. Spotify Premium removes these limitations and even enables the feature to listen to music without an internet connection.

2. Netflix

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: Free installation with paid subscription (from R$25.90 per month)

There’s nothing better than watching a movie or series in your spare time, right? If your new phone has a bigger screen, even better. Among the various streaming video services available, Netflix stands out because of its great popularity and list of original content.

Watch Netflix content on your cell phone (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

The Netflix app collects personalized suggestions based on the movies and series you’ve watched. In one of the interface tabs, you can find news and future presentations that will be part of the catalog. In addition, the platform offers an intelligent download feature, which schedules the download of future episodes of the series while you run your marathon.

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To use Netflix, you must have a subscription available from R$25.90 on the Basic plan. The service allows you to download movies and series for offline playback, in addition to allowing you to control broadcasts to other devices via your cell phone.

New Mobile Apps: Delivery & Travel Services

1. iFood

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: free installation

iFood is one of the main platforms available for ordering in restaurants and grocery stores. Simply add the item to your cart, set the address and get delivery at your doorstep.

Use iFood for cell phone delivery (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

Along with a registered address, the application lists which establishments cover your area in the distribution area. You can then filter by delivery rate value, estimated time and community rating. With the order ready, the app also allows you to set a schedule to receive it at home or work.

Among payment types, iFood allows you to register a card to make purchases through the app or to transact on delivery. To check if your city is part of the app’s distribution area, click here.

2. Uber

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • cost: free installation

Uber is another platform that can be very useful in your daily life. The application is used to request races with private drivers and is an important transportation option. The value of the trip is defined at the time of ordering and payment can be made directly through the app with a credit or debit card, PayPal or Wallet balance Uber Cash.

Request a trip and pay for the app (Image: André Magalhees / Screenshot)

The app also offers different ordering modalities with options for more comfortable or spacious cars and package delivery. There is the possibility of sharing the route with other people and adding stops along the way, in some cases with an additional fee.

Uber also has its own version for placing orders at markets or restaurants called Uber Eats. These orders can be placed in the same application, including traveling with platform drivers. click here To see a list of cities served by the service.

What other apps are essential to your routine? Comment!

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